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Did Pardi and Megan break up? Megan Thee Stallion and Romelu Lukaku spotted together

Pardi and Megan are said to be going through a breakup. Are the rumors about their breakup true or not? People are curious to know more about Pardi and Megan in this article. Keep reading for more information.

What happened to Pardi and Megan?

Pardi and Megan are said to be breaking up. Paparazzi showed photos of Pardi and Megan. The news of their separation was broadcast on the Internet on Valentine’s Day. Many say they have reconciled. Pardi recently performed a piece of poetry dedicated to Megan at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles this month. People have been waiting for an answer or response from Megan, but there has been nothing like it yet. People are curious to know the reason behind Pardi and Megan’s breakup. Let us give more details about the incident.

Why did Pardi and Megan break up?

Pardi and Megan’s split is making headlines but neither of them has confirmed their split yet. The news has been buzzing for a long time. Fans also noticed that Pardi didn’t respond much to it. The two deleted all of their related posts from social media. They left no trace of each other on their social networks. There has been no official announcement regarding the breakup. They haven’t said anything about their relationship either.

No information is provided on the reason for the break. Fans started to find out the reason behind the breakup. They also unsubscribed and deleted each other’s information from their accounts. Megan also has rumors that she is in another relationship. She was watching closely and holding Romelu’s hand. They are both part of Roc Nation. It provides them with common ground to be together. It is a music and sports management company.

Megan and Pardi had been a couple for 2 years. There were rumors of their split in February on Valentine’s Day. Later, Pardi posted a photo to ensure their unity. You can follow Megan on Instagram @theestallion. You can follow Pardi on her Instagram account, @pardi. It was all about their relationship and their breakup. Let us conclude the above. Pardi and Megan would be separated. Rumors circulate about them. There is no endorsement or confirmation from them about the same. We will let you know as soon as we have more details. Stay tuned for more details.