Did You Make Me Your Wife?

Comic actor AY Comedian and his daughter have made our evening a joyful one with their Tik Tok video showing her acting prowers asking if he made her his wife to ask for food from her.

The video show AY Comedian acting as the boyfriend of his daughter asking her to make some food for her and replying to that asked whether he made her his wife to be asking her that and it shocked him with the reaction on his face.

AY Comedian then captioned the video explaining to us that his daughter wants to join his next movie project and we think she’s going to do very well with the little we saw her do in the video shared.

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AY Comedian is very fond of his daughter and seeing them together in this video is very lovely as they bond so well that they could have pass as someone and the girlfriend if not the age difference or the fact that we are all aware she’s his beloved daughter.

Now that he has seen what his daughter is capable of when it comes to acting, we guess he might feature her in his next movie project where she could play the role of a daddy’s girl since that suits her very well and we believe she can do it well since she’s a daddy’s girl in real life.

Video below;

Source: www.NaijaOnPoint.com.ng

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