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Direct Payments: How do you get $3,000 in financial aid for a year?

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In DallasA new proposal wants to give 325 low-income families a monthly payment of $250 for 12 months in a row.

The Dallas City Council agreed to transfer at least $20 million to help fund programs related to racial justice initiatives, including $1 million for this proposal, according to the local today.

Mayors for a guaranteed income is the name of the advocacy group that is pushing for approval of this proposal, as they fight to close poverty gaps in their communities and is made up of more than 80 mayors across the United States.

They argue that programs like this have helped boost local economies, as they did during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they gave many families the financial security they needed.

$20 million to fund initiatives in Dallas From sales tax funds, the carry-over surplus has been changed in the budget for the fiscal year ending September 30.

Other cities in Texas already have similar programs in place

Austin, San Antonio And the Houston Among more than 30 other cities that already offer year-long annual payments to low-income families.

in Austin They’re giving out $1,000 a month to 85 low-income families, with Houston handing out $375 a month to 110 families.

San Antonio had a pilot two years ago transferring $400 every three months to 1,000 low-income families, helping them get the financial security they needed.


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