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Disney + Basic subscribers are considering the cancellation as a new tier not available on Roku

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This week saw The Walt Disney Company roll out Disney + Basic, a new tier of its streaming service that’s a few dollars cheaper but comes with ads in most of its content. The allure of a cheaper subscription has some viewers changing their plans but some are finding out the hard way that even new Disney+ subscriptions can’t be watched the way they want. Techcrunch He quickly notes that this new ad-based layer is “not currently available on Roku devices,” which means that anyone with this subscription and Roku has no way to watch.

As with almost anything in this area, the reason Disney + Basic isn’t showing up on Roku seems to be down to one big thing, and that’s money. A representative for Disney revealed to the outlets that they are “in talks with Roku to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement,” Techcrunch Speculates about splitting advertising revenue. For what it’s worth, financial analyst Michael Nathanson previously expected That the ad-based tier of Disney+ has the potential to generate nearly $2 billion in revenue by 2025 is a piece of the pie that Roku will miss out on if it’s allowed to happen through their devices (which also sell ads on their own content). This not only affects people with a Disney + Basic subscription but anyone with a package that also contains Disney + Basic

Surprising surprise, Disney+ Basic isn’t available on Roku devices, something Disney+ admits Help Center page, did not go unnoticed. Many of the users who have switched from the higher-end to the cheaper tier are surprised, and many are threatening to cancel their subscription altogether. Check out what people are saying and tell us your feelings below!

(Cover photo by Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This is bull

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These are not Mickey’s punishing words, but yes

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Really disappointing

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Find out the hard way

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