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Disney Execs Pull Fast One On Ron DeSantis; This One Is Going To Hurt

On Wednesday, members of the board chosen by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to supervise the management of Walt Disney World said that their predecessors, who were controlled by Disney, had played a trick on them by imposing restrictive covenants that limit the authority of the new board.

At a recent meeting, the current supervisors of the Central Florida Tourist Oversight District revealed that their predecessors had signed a development agreement with the business last month, giving Disney exclusive control over the construction of its 27,000-acre central Florida theme park complex.


After the Florida Legislature restructured Disney’s government in retaliation for Disney’s public opposition to “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, which prohibits teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity to students in grades K–3, the Republican governor appointed five supervisors to the board.

It is predicted that DeSantis will continue his strategy of using the power of the state government to achieve political goals, including taking on Disney, in preparation for a possible run for president.

For the 55 years that the government ran as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney held a majority on the board that was replaced by the new supervisors. The newly appointed board members met for the first time earlier this month and revealed that they had learned of the deal only after accepting their positions.

Board member Brian Aungst said on Wednesday, “We’re going to have to deal with it and remedy it.” It goes against what the people have decided, what the legislature has decided, and what the governor has decided. It totally undermines the power of this governing body.”

The agreement states that without Disney’s express written consent, the district shall not utilize the word “Disney,” any symbols linked with the theme park resort, or the likeness of Mickey Mouse or any other Disney character or intellectual property in any way. In the event of a breach, the corporation has the right to seek compensation in court, and the agreement will remain in effect indefinitely.

If this agreement is found to be in violation of regulations against perpetuity, it will remain in effect until 21 years after the death of the last surviving descendant of King Charles III of England.

Disney has stated that all transactions were conducted in an open and transparent manner.

Disney and the District entered into proper agreements, which were considered and approved in open, noticed public forums in accordance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine law, according to the statement.

On Wednesday, a majority of Disney World service employees voted to accept a union contract offer that gradually increases the minimum wage to $18 per hour by the end of the year.

President of Walt Disney World Resort Jeff Vahle said in a statement, “Our cast members have always been at the heart of the Walt Disney World experience, and we are thrilled that, with the support of the union, they have overwhelmingly approved this new five-year agreement that significantly increases wages, alongside our leading benefits program that includes affordable medical coverage and more.” The Disney Aspire program provides frontline employees with access to fully funded higher education.

Over 45,000 service workers at the Disney theme park resort are covered by the agreement. This includes bus drivers, cooks, lifeguards, actors, and hotel housekeepers, among others.

Union officials have predicted that workers’ hourly earnings will increase by between $5.50 and $8.60 by the end of the five-year contract.

Disney was the first big business in central Florida to agree to a $15 minimum hourly wage through a contract approved five years ago, paving the way for other employers in the region, which is dominated by the hospitality industry.



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