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Disney's The Little Mermaid Remake Still Not Finished Despite May Release Date.

Many movies and TV shows take their production right up to the wire, with some even completing after the initial release. Having already been heavily delayed from the Covid fallout, Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid will not be completed until the month before it receives its premiere. Director Rob Marshall recently spoke to Collider about the highly anticipated movie and confirmed that the film is currently on track to be completed by the end of March, not too far from its May 26 release date.

The Little Mermaid is expected to get its first full-length trailer at this year’s Super Bowl, which could finally reveal the first complete looks at Halle Bailey’s Ariel, Javier Bardem’s King Triton, and Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula. During his interview, Marshall was questioned about his next project after The Little Mermaid, and he responded that he couldn’t say until he was finished working on the Disney movie. He said:

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The casting of Halle Bailey in the role of Ariel was controversial at the time of its announcement, and while much of the noise has now died down, there has still been no clear footage of the actress released so far. However, with this weekend’s Super Bowl set to change that, more opinions will be shared online following the arrival of the first trailer. However, someone who believes that Bailey is the perfect choice to bring Ariel to life for a new generation is the movie’s co-songwriter, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Previously Miranda said on the subject of online backlash:

Halle Bailey has since received a lot of support for her upcoming role, including from original Ariel voice star Jodi Benson, who complimented Bailey’s performance as “absolutely amazing” in a “stunning film.” With only a few months to go until fans get to make their judgment of Bailey’s performance in the movie itself, The Little Mermaid will soon be part of our world once again.



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