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Disturbing video of 3 South African inmates assaulting a prison Warden gets leaked

Working as a prison warden is considered one of the most dangerous careers, as witnessed in numerous instances of violence and attacks on prison wardens.

Recently, a disturbing video circulated on social media platforms showing three prisoners violently beating and strangling a prison guard who appeared to be smaller in size compared to the prisoners.

Although the origin of the video and the location of the prison remain unknown, the footage has sparked widespread concern and debate over the dangers faced by prison wardens in their line of work.

Some comments on ... suggest that the video might be a scene from a movie, while others believe it to be real, given the apparent brutality of the attack.

This video serves as a reminder of the potential dangers and risks that prison wardens face on a daily basis, and highlights the need for increased safety measures and better training for those working in this field.

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