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Do the Mets really have a soreness from being exposed to so many pitches?



The New York Mets set the MLB record for having hit the most pitches in a single season.

Earlier in the week, the New York Mets clinched their first post-season berth since 2016, after defeating the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday. In that particular game, Max Scherzer scored his 200th career win. History only continued when facing the Milwaukee Brewers this week.

During a team game on September 21, Brewers pitcher Jake Cousins ​​hit Mets player Louis Gillorm with a ball touch to his left foot. With the Mets attacked, the 106th player is now the oldest player on any team in a single season in the modern era.

Mets manager Buck Showalter didn’t seem bothered by that. In fact, he’s already ordered the ball!

The Mets set an MLB record for most players hitting a field in a season

When he met with the media, Showalter was asked what he would do with the record ball, and joked “It would be outrageous to tell you what I would do with it.” Showalter then said he gave the ball to his coaches.

You can listen to his comments in the SNY tweet below:

The record was previously set by the Cincinnati Reds last year, who were hit 105 times. This was the modern record, also known as 1900. All time record belongs to Baltimore Orioles in 1889It was hit by a stadium 160 times.

New York has been on track to break the record since the start of the season. In their inaugural series against the Washington Nationals, they were batted five times in their four-game group, eliminating seats in one game.

When it comes to who has hit the Mets the most in 2022, it’s defensive player Mark Kanha with 24.

The Mets have broken a record. Now that that’s out of the way, they’ve been eyeing a Division I title since 2015, as they look to move away from the Atlanta Braves.

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