Do2dtun reacts to criticisms over his warning message to artistes over Davido’s wedding

Do not release any song till the end of this week Do2dtun warns artistes ahead of Davidos wedding Kemi Filani blog min


Media personality Do2dtun has reacted to the criticisms he received following his warning message to artistes over Davido’s upcoming wedding.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that Do2dtun had issues a warning to artistes to avoid releasing any song till the end of the week. He noted how people will be unavailable to stream it as everyone’s attention would be focused and Davido and Chioma’s wedding.

His statement didn’t sit well with some persons who tackled him on Twitter and he responded to them. A Twitter user identified as Akpos Jim admonished him not to do any activity or host any events this week. He questioned if the media personality was reasoning at all, as he noted how there is nothing big in Davido’s wedding.

“Nor do any activity this week, nor host any events. Nothing at all. Let’s all wait after the wedding ? Una dey reason at all? A big artist getting married, so?
No one should go about their daily jobs of releasing their songs or what have you?”.

Replying him, Do2dtun stated that even if he shouts from how till tomorrow, he wouldn’t change anything. He stated that it’s just logic to know that people wouldn’t be interested in the song as he admonished the troll to read more about music engagements.

“Shout from now till tomorrow, no one asked you not to, it’s just logic over emotion besides why test your strength when you can test your mind. You sound more like a town crier than a music enthusiast. Read more about music engagements. No be by noise”.

In another tweet, he made it known that it isn’t about stanning a favorite.

“This isn’t about a fave cos that’s how your likes this k without actually thinking. Tractions work according to what it is fed besides it’s why talents find a good time where attention span is not divided. This week it will. It’s just logic not fickle emotions”.

In another tweet responding to a critic, he wrote, “It’s so sad. They will fight over people that night never ever meet them till they die. These guys will dine with each other you are here fighting over people making money. I’ll never understand it”.

Do2dtun reacts to criticisms for warning artistes

Last month, Do2dtun had expressed gratitude to Davido for helping him in his custody battle with his ex-wife, Omotayo. The On-Air personality had taken to his Instagram page to share a collage of photos of him and his daughters over the years in celebration of Children’s Day and Davido had left an encouraging comment.

Replying him, Do2dtun expressed gratitude to Davido over his support for him. He appreciated him for helping him find his daughters as he called the singer a real one.