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Doctor in shock as father boldly claims responsibility for his own daughter’s pregnancy

Timothy Akinbami, a Nigerian doctor, described how a fellow claimed to be the father of his daughter’s newborn child.

20220925 105023The medical professional revealed that the incident occurred at his private clinic while sharing the story on Twitter.

Timothy claims that the father and child went to his clinic for a pregnancy test and discovered that she was pregnant.

He wished her well and inquired about the baby’s paternity, but when the man claimed to be the father, shock coursed through him.

Dr Akinbami tweeted; ”A patient came to my private clinic today with her dad. The Pregnancy test was positive.

“Congratulations Ma’am I said to her.”

“Kindly extend my congratulations to the father of the child, I said, turning to her father.”

“I am the father, he said.”

I started sweating

Things are happening in Nigeria.”



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