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Doja Cat angered an islander during a live broadcast on TikTok


doja cat was stuck in tik tok Live session from Flyysouljaone of the boys islandThe rapper did not hesitate to show her need to get out of the live broadcast.

So she asked shyly Flyysoulja She had to click on it to get out of the stream, but the member boys island He wasn’t excited by the idea.

“How can I take you out of the live broadcast?” asked the singer. Before adding that she does not want to participate in it and even asks for help.

“No offense, but I don’t want to do this anymore. How do I do it? Help!”

Flyysoulja was not happy with Doja Cat .’s comments

Flyysoulja He wasn’t cheerful doja cat Comments responded with a look of disgust.

“She wants to take me off the live stream? Are you serious? Well, do you really want to take me off the live stream? Your attention is too little, right?”

For what she said she was really enjoying really little attention, while laughing.

It provoked a more aggressive reaction than before Flyysouljawho shouted at her.

The phrase “Look at me!” can be heard. before the video ends.


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