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Dominic thorn addresses shuri cameo rumours

Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverDominic Thorne has addressed some speculation that Shuri could appear in it Iron heart. Supporting a visit she had to childcare in Atlanta with the Puffs, the actress talked about the impact her character has had on the MCU in general.’s Aaron Perrin asked how this promise could be fulfilled Wakanda forever It can play a role on Disney +. She joked, “I don’t know man, this is just something you have to tune in and figure out.” But, fans want to know what will happen to Okoye, Leticia Wright’s hero, and little T’Challa moving forward. Answers are likely on the way this summer. The MCU continues to expand outward, but sometimes you can make an educated guess about where the next turn will grow. We hope viewers can look forward to hearing more as the series gets closer to airing.

Who else will be in Iron Heart?

While we have no confirmation on the next time we’ll see Black Panther, we seem to have an idea of ​​some of the cast appearing in the series Iron heart. During our chat, Thorne previewed what fans can get excited about on Disney+.

“Honestly, I would say it’s the whole core group,” Thorne admitted. “It really is, look at me trying to answer without giving away the story line, but I definitely think the core cast is too, for the same reason we just touched on it. I think, of course, I’m excited for people to see more of Ironheart and to see these other layers that they couldn’t. From getting to her, they haven’t been able to see or pick her up in Wakanda Forever.

She added, “But, in the same vein, there’s a lot of color and experience and love that’s expressed in this show. Like, confidence across the spectrum in a real, authentic way. And I’m Vulnerable can be again, a good thing and it can be incredibly refreshing for a lot of people.” So, I’m really excited to see them. For them to see the people leading this show.”

If you’re looking for more Ironheart and don’t want to wait, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is currently streaming on Disney+.

Do you think there is any way we will see Shuri again Iron heart? Let us know in the comments!

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