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Dominican Government announces salary increase of more than 60% to operators of heavy agricultural machines



The Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps García, announced a salary increase of more than 60% for operators of heavy agricultural machines and another 30% for piece rates.

De Camps said that with this increase all the country’s minimum wages will have been reviewed and increased.

“We continue to work to improve the working conditions of all Dominican workers. We have achieved a lot so far thanks to consensus and we will continue to review and make adjustments as necessary.”said the official.

He pointed out that this significant increase in the minimum wage, like the previous 15, is the result of the tripartite dialogues achieved by the government of President Abinader since the beginning of his administration, fulfilling his promise to improve the working conditions of Dominicans.

He added that “The consensuses we have achieved show considerable increases and adjustments in all cases above the historical average and in some cases the highest increases in history”.

The minister highlighted that the new salary scale established by Resolution No. 10-2022 of the National Salary Committee (CNS), establishes that workers of heavy agricultural machines will go from 11,109 to 18,000 pesos.

The CNS is a permanent body, dependent on the Ministry of Labor, through which the parties involved know and review the minimum wage rates in the private sector and in the different branches of economic activities in the country.



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