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Dominican Republic to experience a shortage of 20,000 nurses by 2030 – Report


The Dominican Republic is expected to face a shortage of 10,000 to 20,000 nurses by 2030.

This was discussed during a recent press conference held in the country by Principal Nursing Officer Terrilia Ravaliere who called for more individuals to pursue a career in nursing to enhance the quality of healthcare in Dominica

The island nation is therefore calling for more individuals to pursue a career in the profession to mitigate the shortage indicating opportunities for foreign nurses.

Addressing the current shortage, Ravaliere emphasized,

We must increase the number of nurses to improve the overall quality of nursing to achieve our objectives of providing optimum nursing care services to the people of Dominica.”

She highlighted the urgent need for skilled personnel, addressing nurses who recently graduated stating,

To the nurses….who have recently been successful in the regional examination for nurse registration, the nursing assistants who were also successful at the local general nursing council examination, and others, who are unemployed and qualified to work as a nurse, nationals as well as non-nationals….we are in urgent need of your engagement.”

Ravaliere urged immediate applications to the nursing services through the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Social Services. She stressed the importance of a collective effort to address the nursing shortage to bridge the gap in healthcare services in Dominica.

“A well-educated, skilled, and evenly distributed nursing workforce is essential for establishing a strong healthcare system, addressing the health needs of the population, and effectively preparing for future challenges, such as disaster and pandemics,” Ravaliere added.

Acting Department Nurse at the DCFH,  Sandra Daniel, addressed potential recruits, particularly men, encouraging them to join the nursing profession without fear stating, “I appeal also to the males out there, nursing is not just for females….we would also like more male nurses to enter the nursing service”.

How the shortage of nurses is affecting the global healthcare system 

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has issued a stark warning about a global shortage of nurses, revealing alarming statistics from over 100 studies.

According to the ICN report, during the pandemic, 40% to 80% of nurses worldwide experienced psychological distress due to high pressure, leading many to consider leaving the profession. This distress has contributed to hospital turnover rates exceeding 10% annually.

The shortage represents a critical threat to healthcare systems around the world.

The pandemic also highlighted the vulnerability of these systems and underscored the urgent need for substantial investments to support and retain nursing staff.

Without decisive action, the global healthcare system may face a deepening crisis.

Without decisive action, the global healthcare system may face a deepening crisis.

This is indicative that the nursing profession is still in-demand with opportunities available globally.