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Dominican Republic Working on a Schengen Visa Exemption Proposal for EU

The Dominican Republic authorities have said that the country is currently working on a Schengen visa exemption proposal in an attempt to facilitate travel to the European Union/Schengen Area for all its citizens.

The news on the proposal was shared by the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, who said during a visit to Portugal, where he met with his counterpart, Marcelo Rebelo, that the country wants to make it possible for its citizens to travel to the bloc visa-free as soon as possible, reports.

“It is a proposal from the Dominican Republic, which we are working on so that Dominicans do not have to have a Schengen visa to visit Europe. As you know, we are one of four countries that need a Schengen visa,” Abinader stated.

Apart from sharing that the authorities are currently working on the proposal, Abinader also asked for Portugal’s support.

Abinder required Rebelo to support the Dominican Republic in reaching a visa exemption agreement with the EU and, at the same time, thanked the Portuguese authorities for showing openness on this matter.

“We have the support of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to eliminate the visa requirement so that Dominicans can travel to Europe without this requirement,” Abinder added.

Since the Dominican Republic has not reached a visa-free agreement with the EU yet, all of its citizens are required to apply and obtain a visa in order to be able to travel to the bloc.

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A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows everyone holding the document to travel to any Schengen Area Member States for up to 90 days within a six-month period for business and tourism purposes.

Citizens of the Dominican Republic planning to reach the Schengen Area for tourism purposes need to apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa.

Those applying for a tourist Schengen visa need to make sure to submit several documents so that their application is approved.

Dominican Republic citizens applying for a tourist Schengen visa need to submit their completed visa application form, their passports, and two recent photos.

Moreover, tourist Schengen visa applicants must also submit proof of having secured a place to stay, proof of having purchased EU health insurance, a roundtrip reservation, and proof of financial means.

Additional documents, such as an employment contract, may also be required depending on the employment status of applicants.

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