Don Lemon hints at returning to CNN after Chris Licht’s firing

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Don Lemon might return to CNN after the network ousted chief executive Chris Licht after a tumultuous year.

Here is everything you need to know.

Don Lemon could return to CNN if the network reaches out soon

Sources revealed to TMZ that Don Lemon might be able to return to CNN following the departure of the network’s former CEO Chris Licht.

If you didn’t know, Licht took over as CNN’S head honcho in May 2022. Moreover, there were numerous instances when he locked horns with Lemon. 

In addition, Licht criticized Lemon for the things he said on air as well as the outfit he wore during the premiere of CNN This Morning.

Nevertheless, Lemon was eventually axed from CNN in April under Licht’s administration.

Lemon’s relationship with the network seemingly came to an end after he made sexist remarks about women and aging earlier this year in February.

Besides that, many insiders believe that Licht’s decision appears to be a not-so-subtle way of him fighting for his job. 

Amy Entelis, Executive Vice President for Talent and Content Development at CNN, is considered to be one of the interim leaders in the network. 

For the unversed, Lemon has been a close associate of Entelis for nearly fifteen years. 

Meanwhile, Lemon has previously revealed his plans about what he is planning to do after his termination.

He said, ‘Just chill out and then I’ll see what happens next, but I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I can do that.’ 

Besides that, the reason behind Licht’s termination is being kept under wraps for now. The announcement came after The Atlantic’s expose which raised concern among the staffers about his leadership abilities.

Netizens react to Chris Licht’s departure from CNN

Many social media users took to their respective Twitter accounts to express their views on Chris Licht’s resignation.

A user wrote, ‘Don Lemon this morning watching CNN,’ before adding some crying face emoji.

Another user penned, ‘This is Chris Licht the president of CNN. He fired Don Lemon because Don didn’t want to be part of the Trump Propaganda Channel Takeover. It’s Time To Boycott CNN. I’ve been watching them since the beginning, but I can’t anymore.’

Additionally, others went on to demand the network rehire Don Lemon after it was announced that Licht would step down.

One user commented, ‘After he screwed up the CNN network and good people have left!!  Bring back Brian Stetler and Don Lemon!’


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