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Donald Trump Causes Stir With His Reaction To Ronna McDaniel’s RNC Victory

On Friday, Ronna McDaniel was re-elected as RNC chair despite a string of disappointing elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022. However, some conservatives are more concerned with President Trump’s reaction to her victory, and it’s causing quite the stir online.

Trump congratulated her on Truth Social shortly after the results were final, and some users are taking issue with it:

With so many conservatives online wishing for “new blood” in the RNC, a few major Twitter accounts took Trump to task:


However, other conservative accounts took another angle, saying that since McDaniels was the huge favorite, it was smart of him to not burn bridges with her:

Despite the arguments over Trump’s reaction to McDaniel winning, there appears to be consensus online that she wasn’t the right choice:

In brief remarks, McDaniel told RNC committee members that she heard the concerns from those who voiced criticism in the wake of the November elections while also projecting unity within the party.

“We need all of us. We heard you, grassroots. We know. We heard Harmeet, we heard Mike Lindell. But with us united and all of us going together, the Democrats are going to hear us in 2024 when we take back the White House and the Senate,” she said.




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