Don’t You Need Your Own Juju If It’s Easy

Actress Anita Joseph has addressed all those bashing her for chopping love in public with her husband and sharing it on the gram saying she used juju on him asking them to get their own juju if it’s easy.

Anita Joseph and her husband MC Fish have been showing us all forms of love making on the gram and the recent one that got almost everyone fed up was a video of her husband massaging her feet and kissing it as well in public and they recorded it to share with us.

Netizens reacting to that agreed that was the extreme and some even clai.ed she has used juju on her husband for him to be doing all her bindings and not seeing anything wrong with it and Anita Joseph has replied all of that.

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According to Anita Joseph, a lot of people in Nigeria need therapy asking when you can do all sort of things inside to show love to your partner, why can’t you do it outside saying a lot of women want this pampering her husband is giving her but can’t get it because their partners are rigid.

Adding that Nigerians celebrate divorce and pai a lot but can never celebrate two people in love since all they want to hear is bad news and it’s juju to them if your man lives you and is showing you affection even in public telling them to get their own juju if they think it’s too easy.

Screenshot below;

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