Dorothy Shonga: “I wasn’t eyeing black people”

“I have everything – Cash Madam”

“Zeze and I are getting married before the end of the year”

I lied about Tay Grin to divert attention, he is not gay

Socialite Dorothy Shonga has stated that she never intended to date any black man, especially not a Malawian man, until she met musician Zeze Kingston.

Shonga, who has three children with an Ugandan black man, clarifies that she is a public figure from Mangochi.

Dorothy Shonga was arrested in 2020 on charges of alleged money laundering and fraud in the MERAgate scandal. She is currently facing these charges alongside her alleged business partner, Collins Magalasi.

In an exclusive Facebook live session, the Cash Madam declared herself a “public figure” who possesses everything.

Furthermore, she disclosed that she will marry Zeze, real name Robert Ching’amba, before the end of 2023.

“Zeze and I will marry before the end of 2023,” she said.

Cash Madam described her relationship with Tay Grin as brotherly but not sexual. She said she used Tay Grin to divert the spotlight from her other man who she was dating.

She made the clarification on allegations that she was in a relationship with the Nyau King. She also shutdown claims that Tay Grin is gay.

“I was in a relationship with someone who does not like the spotlight of social media. Tay Grin is not gay. I know him. Tay has been in a stable relationship for more than 4 years now.”

Likewise, she said she never dated Blessings Patuwe Banda. She said her relationship with him was also staged to promote his Low Profile page on social media.

“Blessing and I never dated. We agreed to post each other to promote his Low Profile page”.