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Drake allegedly trolled Kanye West over Kim Kardashian and Chris Paul’s cheating allegations

Drake seemingly taunted Kanye West over his former wife Kim Kardashian’s alleged fling with NBA player Chris Paul.

Here is everything you need to know.

Drake might have known about Chris Paul-Kim Kardashian relationship during Kanye West beef

According to reports, Drake seemingly knew about Kim Kardashian and Chris Paul’s alleged relationship during his beef with Kanye West.

For the unversed, the Donda rapper dropped a massive bombshell before he was suspended from Twitter.

In his tweet, West claimed that he caught his ex-wife with Paul.

The tweet read, ‘Let’s break one last window before we get outa here. I caught this guy with Kim. Good night.’

West, who officially changed his name to Ye, shared a photo of Paul alongside the tweet. 

Meanwhile, following the shocking revelation, Drake once again found himself in the middle of West’s drama. 

A photo of Drake from 2018 has been resurfacing on social media following West’s scandalous tweet. 

Additionally, in the photo, the Hotline Bling singer is seen alongside a bunch of friends all of t hem wearing Chris Paul jerseys.

Subsequently, Drake outlined ... with a caption that read, ‘psychological warfare,’ which allegedly was an apparent subliminal diss towards the 45-year-old fashion mogul.

Hence, it has been speculated that the 36-year-old might have been aware of Kardashian’s cheating before West’s controversial message.

Meanwhile, the father of four has been banished from Twitter once again for sharing a logo that seemingly looks like a swastika inside the Star of David.

Netizens react to Drake taunting Kanye West over Kim Kardashian-Chris Paul affair rumors

Social media users are having a field day after decoding that Drake knew of Kim Kardashian and Chris Paul’s dynamic and also taunted Kanye West about it.

A user wrote, ‘Drake was playing mind games the whole time with Kanye back when CLB was dropping? Had all the homies in a Chris Paul Jersey while he was beefing with Kanye. Damn.’

Moreover, someone else shared, ‘Context: This photo was taken last year while Drake and Kanye were beefing in this photo. Drake and his crew are wearing Chris Paul jerseys while also promoting his album CLB hinting that he already knew about Chris Paul and Kim!’

Another user chimed in saying, ‘Drake got better sources than hardware fr how that n**** knows everything.’

Furthermore, a different user noted, ‘Not even a fan of Drake, but this is some masterful s***.’


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