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Drama as Nigerian mother nabs daughter twerking seductively for TikTok trend (Video)

A young lady’s participation in a TikTok trend for ladies was cut short when her mother walked in on her while trying to gyrate.

mother caught daughter twerkHer mother interrupted her session as she was going to twerk while lying flat and listening to a popular song.

When her mother enquired what she was doing, she stopped dead in her tracks and whirled around in panic.

The mother then inquired about her daughter’s involvement in internet prossttiiitution, but she refused to answer.

She tried to convince her mother that she was only filming a TikTok video, but the woman was unconvinced and claimed that she must have been doing “as**wo” online.

The young girl started to wail and plead in her defense, saying, “Mummy no be ashawo I dey do,” as she groped for an object.

Watch the video below:



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