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DreamWorks unveils new logo

DreamWorks recently disclosed its brand-new animated logo. However, it left the social media users divided. 

Here is everything you need to know.

DreamWorks share their new logo

DreamWorks, which is owned by Universal Pictures, took to social media on Friday to unveil its new animated logo.

The 33-second dreamlike sequence opens with the boy on the moon. Moreover, he is seen flying around and visiting some of the American production house’s popular characters. They include King Fu Panda’s protagonist Po as well as How To Train Your Dragon’s Toothless.

Additionally, the new logo features an appearance of characters from DreamWorks’ successful movies such as Boss Baby, Trolls, The Bad Guys, and Shrek.

Meanwhile, production designer Kendal Cronkhite said, ‘We make dreams come to life on screen, so the idea was basically that you go into the dreams of a new child. They are taking you through this dreamscape and reintroducing you to these iconic figures that we’ve created over all these years.’

In the meantime, the new logo will debut on the theatre screens in the production’s house’s upcoming release ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.’ It is set to hit the theater screens on 21st December.

Besides that, DreamWorks is gearing up to release their third film in the Trolls franchise which will reportedly drop next year on 17th November. Additionally, a fourth Kung Fu Panda is also in production and is scheduled to release on 8th March 2024.

Twitter is divided over DreamWork’s new animated logo

DreamWorks has found itself in controversy over social media for the newly unveiled logo which has received mixed reviews on the internet.

While some adored the animation, others were not impressed with it.

One user wrote, ‘The new DreamWorks logo is beautiful.’

Another user shared, ‘I honestly think that the new DreamWorks looks AMAZING!’.

Moreover, someone mentioned, ‘I like the new DreamWorks logo because it reminds me of all my favorite movies.’

Meanwhile, some shared their disappointment over the studio for not including their older films.

A user stated, ‘Great logo, but why did none of your 2D animated movies get a shoutout? Joseph King of Dreams, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Sinbad?’

Additionally, someone noted, ‘I think the new DreamWorks logo sucks!’

A different user pointed out, ‘This is the most gaudy logo intro I’ve ever seen for a movie studio. This is meant for an amusement park not for a movie.’


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