‘Drop the Grenade’: Footage Shows Ukraine Dropping ‘Bomb’ Inside Russian ‘Armor’

BMP Attack by Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has become an unmitigated disaster for Russian President Putin.

Not only is Russia losing countless soldiers but some of its weapons platforms seem more susceptible to strikes by enemy drones. 

Recent footage seems to prove that time and time again. 

More Russian BMPs Destroyed By Thermobaric Grenades – Incredible footage shared on Twitter back in March shows how Ukrainian forces continue to destroy abandoned Russian vehicles on the battlefield using grenades.

The purpose of destroying the abandoned vehicles is to ensure that Russian forces cannot easily recover and repair the vehicles in the event that the positions are reoccupied by invading forces.

This is especially important in Donetsk Oblast, where Russian forces have made gains, retreated, and later regained some lost ground.

It’s a pattern that is likely to be witnessed in the region again, especially as Putin attempts to initiate a broad new offensive in the east.

In a video shared on Telegram and Twitter, two abandoned Russian BMP-2 and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles are seen parked in an abandoned Russian position.

The vehicles appear to be covered in debris, either suggesting that the position was abandoned some time ago, or Ukrainian strikes on the position wreaked havoc on the site. 

The video, backed by dramatic music as so many of these clips are, shows the abandoned position from the perspective of a Ukrainian drone.

Likely a commercial DJI drone, which is equipped with a high-resolution camera, the drone moves close to the open hatches on top of the vehicle and drops a thermobaric grenade inside of the vehicle.

As the drone then rapidly flies away, the vehicle explodes from the inside, causing protective armor panels to fly into the air.

The drone conducts additional strikes, dropping grenades on top of the vehicles, ensuring that they cannot be easily recovered.

In one part of the video, a BMP-1 can also be seen getting hit with a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) munition that is designed to penetrate heavy armor using the Munroe effect.

The munition is designed to pierce armor with an initial explosive charge that destroys the metal liner inside of the warhead, creating a high-velocity charge jet that can penetrate thick metal armor.

“Two abandoned Russian BMP-2 and a BMP-1 were destroyed by RGT-27S2 thermobaric grenades dropped right into their hatches from drones of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade in Mykilske, #Donetsk Oblast. Another BMP-1 was also damaged by a drone-dropped HEAT munition,” Ukraine Weapons Tracker writes.

The practice of destroying Russian tanks on the battlefield is a good way of ensuring that Russian forces cannot use them for parts, especially when the vehicles are located in territory that is contested.

If Ukrainian forces can’t access them, then destroying the vehicles is better than allowing Russian forces to access them instead.

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