Dylan Mulvaney Faces Online Backlash Over Unconventional Dating Remarks

Trollers have gravitated towards Dylan Mulvaney once again and this time it’s for saying she wants to date women and impregnate them. Well, it was recently during a candid talk with Dylan’s dad that she revealed her feelings. However, her statement has certainly not gone well among many netizens.

Read ahead to know more about Dylan Mulvaney faces backlash over saying she wants to date women and impregnate them.

Dylan Mulvaney and her controversies

Dylan Mulvaney, the popular transgender TikToker has been more in controversies than in anything else. Ever since the Bud Light controversy, Dylan has been in the spotlight even facing backlash for one or the other thing. Not just that, Bud Light for its collab with Dylan too was badly criticized on social media.

But that’s not all as we have lately one more controversy as Dylan expressed her romantic interest in one of the gender. In a candid talk with her dad, Dylan said something that’s been making social media go abuzz once again and everyone’s reacting to it too.

Did Dylan Mulvaney say she wants to date women and impregnate them?

Dylan Mulvaney identifies as she/her. While she has been previously in a lot of controversies. Recently, in a TikTok video, Dylan went on to share about her romantic interest in one of the gender to her parents. She said that she “may be a little bit romantically interested in women”.

Adding further, she said about her father’s reaction as “So i tell my dad and he goes, well, i would love to see you get a woman pregnant and i said, oh no she would be getting me pregnant”. But the statement seems to have gone all the way wrong among the netizens as they have been criticising it.

Netizens criticizes the confession of Dylan Mulvaney

Ever since Dylan’s video about her confession of her romantic interest came on the Internet. Netizens have been reacting on the same. Dylan is facing backlash for her confession. Social media is flooded with reactions from netizens.

One of the users on social media wrote “Dylan Mulvaney is the most public identity crisis in history”. Another one wrote, “Dylan comes out as clown”. A user even wrote, ” The money must be starting to stop flowing in”. Users were certainly very disappointed with this statement of Dylan.

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