Eamonn Holmes Predicts Holly Willoughby’s Departure from ‘This Morning’

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Eamonn Holmes has made a statement recently saying Holly Willoughby won’t return to “This Morning”. Not to miss, the hosts of the show “This Morning” have been in the limelight for one or the other reason lately. As previously the affair of Philip Schofield came out. While now Holmes says Holly won’t return on “This Morning”.

Read ahead to know more about Eamonn Holmes believes Holly Willoughby won’t return to the show “This Morning”.

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby hosted This Morning for 14 years together

This Morning show is currently in the spotlight and it’s all for the environment inside that’s raising questions. Philip Schofield who co-hosted This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby for 14 years together has now left the show. It all happened because Philip lied about his affair with a young male member of the This Morning show.

Holly Willoughby’s future with the show hence has been left with a question mark. As no one knows whether after the exit of Philip Schofield, she will continue to host This Morning or not. Meanwhile, Eamonn Holmes has already given his statement on whether Holly Willoughby can return or not.

Eamonn Holmes thinks Holly Willoughby won’t return to This Morning

Amid the whole controversy of Philip Schofield’s exit from This Morning show after his affair with a young male. The viewers of the show are thinking if Holly Willoughby will make her return to the show or not.

Although, we didn’t have any confirmation from Holly about it so far. We certainly had the former presenter of the show Eamonn Holmes to say what he thinks. Eamonn Holmes who hosted the show with his wife Ruth Langford said Holly Willoughby won’t return to This Morning.

To GB News he said, “Not only should Philip go, but Holly should follow him out the door. I don’t think you’ll ever see Holly back on the couch again”.

Philip Schofield on lying about his affair with young male on This Morning

The rumors about Philip Schofield having friendship with a young male guy on This Morning began doing rounds on the internet long back. Holly Willoughby had even asked about the same Philip that the latter had denied. However, after some time Philip admitted to having an affair with the young male on This Morning.

He was married to his wife at the time of his affair though. Meanwhile, Holly was hurt to know that Philip had lied to her. Not to forget, Philip and Holly had hosted This Morning for over a decade now. But all of that ended on a bitter note suddenly.

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