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Ed Helms describes the panic and anxiety he felt after his hangover exploded, making the celebrity sound like a nightmare

Remnants It became the highest-grossing comedy of 2009 domestically. So she managed Sneak into the first position at the box office the weekend before Pixar’s above! One of the comedy’s main cast members, Ed Helms, spoke about the panic and anxiety he felt due to his illness RemnantsFame, paints a picture of the horrors that celebrity life can bring to a person.

Ed Helms has already been a known face on television since he was a reporter The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his time the desk Like Andy Bernard. But Helms admitted on an episode of Conan O’Brien needs a friend (Opens in a new tab) How overwhelming fame was for him then Remnants They blew, saying:

It was a tornado of fame and a lot of misery. It was very overwhelming. I was reeling a lot of the time, like on the heels of The Hangover… I was getting scripts for all these different kinds of projects. Like what am I doing? I do not know.’ I was kind of upset and paranoid about various things. Like, “Okay, what kind of career do you want?



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