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EGOT Winners: Every Celebrity To Win An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, And Tony Award

Every major award show brings its own level of stress and excitement for presenters, recipients, and nominees – and sometimes even the audience members. The Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Oscars and Tony Awards  are the biggest night in television for those in the film, television, music, and performance art industry. Most people in these fields want to win at least one of these major awards. And a select few want to win at least one of each of these awards. Achieving the ultimate display of talent, the EGOT,  is the dream for many. 

Many performers have come close to achieving the EGOT and some are just one award away from it. It’s a prestigious club that includes less than 20 performers. Let’s look at these talented few and the work that got them their Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony (EGOT). 

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Richard Rodgers (Achieved EGOT: 1962)



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