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Elephant Attack in Thailand

Elephant Attack in Thailand- India TV Hindi News
Image Source : India TV
Elephant Attack in Thailand


  • The mahout was cut into two pieces.
  • 32-year-old Supachai took his life by stabbing Wongfed with his teeth
  • The elephant was very upset with the scorching heat

Elephant Attack in Thailand: A terrible incident has come to light in Thailand. You must have seen that the one who controls the elephant is a mahout. That is, a large animal is controlled by a common man and keeps it at his behest. But sometimes the bets backfire. In Thailand, an elephant attacked its own owner, a mahout. After which the condition of the mahout worsened. Local people said that the elephant had become very upset due to the scorching heat due to which it cut the mahout into two pieces.

What did the police tell?

Police said the incident happened last week at a Rab Bagan in Phang Nga state in southern Thailand. Police believe that the elephant got angry as the rubber girl was taken in the scorching heat. The name of the elephant is Pom Palm. It killed 32-year-old Supachai Wongfad with his teeth. Due to the very thick tusks of the elephant, its body was split in half. Police said that Wongfed had brought the elephant from the plantation in the morning to carry wood. However, due to the scorching heat, the elephant went mad and attacked the mahout. According to the report, when the authorities found Wangfed’s body, blood was scattered all around. To lift the mahout’s body, the first elephant was killed with a sedative injection gun.

Another recent incident

The man who died was the son of a former mayor of Khok Charon sub-district. One such case came to the fore last month. Even in the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat, the elephant killed the mahout with its teeth. After that he stood on her dead body for hours. The police also suspected in this case that the elephant was under stress due to work.

Asian elephants are animals

Duncan McNair, CEO of the Save the Asian Elephants charity, said of the elephant attack that ‘another elephant attack reminds us that Asian elephants have always been wild animals, which can attack and kill under abuse or stress. Huh. can do. Explain that elephants are known to be easy-going, although they can become aggressive when upset or feeling threatened.

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