Elliot Page Opens Up About Secret Love Affair with Kate Mara: ‘In Love’

The actor Elliott Page has revealed the secret relationship he had with fellow actor Kate Mara shortly after coming out as gay. After coming out as a lesbian in 2014, the Umbrella Academy star announced in 2020 that he was transgender. The Canadian actor revealed in his new memoir Pageboy that he became romantically involved with Mara while filming X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014. As Elliot Page describes it in a new interview, he experienced a lot of heartbreak and exploration after he came out as gay. The outlet published an excerpt in which he wrote that Mara was the first person he fell in love with after his heart was broken.

As he pointed out, the actor from House of Cards had a boyfriend at the time, Max Minghella, who was lovely and talented. Although, he said Minghella was supportive of their relationship. It never occurred to me that I could love two people at the same time, but now I know I can, Mara told Page. The Juno star also recalls being verbally assaulted by an A-list actor at a party later in the memoir. According to Page, an “acquaintance” of his told him: You’re not gay. There is no such thing as that. It’s just that you’re afraid of men. According to him, the acquaintance said: I’m going to f***K you to make you realize you aren’t gay. Although Elliot Page did not name the actor from the story, he noted that he will hear about it and recognize it as him.

The Umbrella Academy Star Elliot Page Reveals That He Was In Love With Kate Mara And Had A Secret Relationship

After coming out as gay in 2014, Elliott Page revealed he had a secret relationship with Kate Mara while dating Max Minghella. Oscar-nominated Juno star, who has become transgender, reveals in his memoir Pageboy how he and Kate, 40, fell in love while filming X-Men: Days of Future Past and that Kate Mara was ‘in love with two people. After dating for four years, Kate Mara and Max Minghella separated in 2014. Currently, she is married to actor Jamie Bell, with whom she has two children. According to an excerpt from his memoir, obtained by People, Elliot Page fell in love with Mara after his heart broke. At the time, she was dating the lovely and talented Max Minghella. It was the time after I came out as gay [in 2014] that I explored and also experienced heartbreak. This relationship, or whatever you want to call it, encapsulates a certain dynamic I consistently found myself in, which is falling for people who aren’t fully available, which I think many of us do. In addition to the sort of safety in that, as well as the highs and the lows, and then the serotonin bump goes away. My life definitely follows that pattern.

The love and care we have for each other is something very special. The intimacy that I write about is separate from this. According to Eliot, Max encouraged Kate to explore her relationship, which remained secret from the world, and Kate said: “I never believed that I could love two people at once, but now I am certain that I can.” Their romance led to the production of the movie My Days of Mercy – which premiered in 2017 and was released in 2019. Kate has read the book and will attend a book event in LA in June to promote it, according to Page. At the age of nine, Elliot began feeling like a boy and came out publicly as transgender in December 2020. The actor recalled being in a gay bar just months before his breakout 2008 movie Juno’s premiere in an extract shared by People. His feelings of shame were unwittingly alleviated by a woman named Paula at the bar. The Town Hall in Midtown Manhattan will be the first stop on Elliot’s nine-date international book tour, which will continue throughout the summer.