Elliot Page Opens Up: How a ‘Sensual’ Moment at a Gay Bar Helped Him Overcome Shame

Elliot Page reflects on how he initially became involved with the LGBTQ+ community. In his memoir, Pageboy, the actor describes his first meaningful kiss with a woman. The deeply personal novel is set to contend with mental health, violence, love, relationships, sex, Hollywood’s black hole, Page’s relationship with his body, and his experience as one of the most visible transgender people in the world. The event that changed Page’s life is recalled in this passage. People obtained an excerpt from Page’s memoir in which he describes his first encounter with Paula, a woman he met when he was 20 years old. During the filming of ‘Juno,’ Page claims he had sex with his co-star Olivia Thirlby “all the time.”

When he spoke to People about sharing such personal stories with the world, Page stressed that his journey may differ greatly from that of other transgender people. People quoted Page as saying, “My experience as a trans person and the life I lead does not reflect the reality of most trans people.”. He recalls meeting Paula at the pub a few months before his critically acclaimed 2008 film ‘Juno.’ She unknowingly helped him overcome his shame. Page recounts that being present in a queer space was a new but delightful experience at the time. Furthermore, he acknowledges that shame had been drilled into my bones since I was the tiniest child and that I struggled to rid my body of that old toxic and corrosive marrow. In spite of this, there was a joy in the room that lifted me and made me smile uncontrollably.

The ‘Sensual’ Moment He Had With The Woman At The Gay Bar Helped Elliot Page Overcome Feelings Of Shame

When Elliot Page spoke to People about sharing such personal stories with the world, he made sure to clarify that his journey may be very different from others in the trans community. In an interview with People, Page explained that his experience as a trans person, as well as the privilege he enjoys, does not reflect the reality of most trans people. A few months before the release of his critically acclaimed 2008 film, ‘Juno,’ Elliot Page recalls being in a gay nightclub. When he met Paula at the pub, she unknowingly helped him deal with his feeling of ‘shame’. According to him, he met Paula when he was twenty years old. Her voice was warm and kind, as she sat on a friend’s couch, eating raw almonds while keeping her knees close to her chest. “I’m Paula,” she said, standing up and introducing herself. It wasn’t so much that her eyes lit up as if you caught their attention. She was looking at me. The two of us went to Reflections. This was my first and last visit to a gay bar. A miserable flirt, I was. In her account, Page recalls how it was a new and delightful experience to be present in a queer space.

Moreover, he says shame had been drilled into his bones since he was a child, and he has struggled to rid his body of that toxic marrow. There was a joy in the room, it lifted me, caused my jaw to tighten, causing me to smile uncontrollably. As I danced, sweat dripped down my back and down my chest. Paula’s hair was twirling and bouncing as she moved seamlessly, chaotic yet controlled, sensual yet strong, Elliot Page continues. I catch her staring at me, or was it the other way around? We wanted to be caught. A deer caught in the headlights. The actress continued, “I was startled, but not broken.” She asked Paula, Can I kiss you? According to the ‘Umbrella Academy’ actor, his own “boldness” “jolted” him when he asked Paula if he could kiss her. According to him, it was the kiss with Paula that allowed him to grasp the meaning behind all those poems. According to the excerpt, everything was motionless and emotionless before. I had never been loved back by any woman, and the one who might have, loved me in the wrong way. The antagonizing and cruel voice that usually filled my head whenever desire filled me was quiet on the dance floor with a woman who wanted to kiss me. According to his newly released memoir, ‘Pageboy,’ the Oscar-nominated actor, 36, who used to be Ellen Page, is a transgender man and recalls his relationship with Leah Thirlby, now 36.