Elliot Page Recalls the Time When He Tried to Be Intimate With a Man at 16

Elliot Page recently shared about his attempt to be intimate with a man when he was only 16 years old and struggling with his sexuality.

Here is everything you need to know.

Elliot Page details his failed attempt to have s*x with a man

Elliot Page graphically opened up about his failed attempt to have s*x with a man in his new memoir Pageboy, which was released worldwide earlier this week.

Moreover, he revealed that he once went out with a classmate named Kenneth when he was studying at Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In addition, he divulged that they would ‘fool around’ when he was around 16 years old with Kenneth ‘dry humping’ him which did not arouse him.

He began, ‘We’d fool around upstairs. I didn’t really like it but I didn’t mind it either.’

He continued, ‘The kissing, meh. The dry humping, alright. I would pretend to orgasm.’

Page then went on to explicitly share that he was unable to consummate the relationship with Kenneth.

He wrote, ‘”That whole ‘wet’ thing was not happening. We’d try and then stop, try and then stop, try and then stop, and then we stopped trying.’

He added, ‘Everyone was talking about ‘doing it’ and ‘hooking up’ and ‘virginity’… and I didn’t get it. Was everyone also pretending?’

Subsequently, he mentioned, ‘I avoided sex with guys and suppressed my real, unrequited crushes. My brain could not comprehend that I simply wasn’t interested.’

He said, ‘I just didn’t want to go through with it, which would be a completely appropriate feeling and response.’

Elliot Page reveals his hidden relationship with Olivia Thirlby

Elliot Page claimed in his new autobiography that he had sex with Olivia Thirlby ‘all the time’ while they were filming the hit movie, Juno.

If you didn’t know, Page and Thirlby played best friends in the 2007 dramedy.

Page publicly came out as lesbian in 2014 and later came out again as transgender in 2020. She completed her transition from female to male during the same year.

Besides that, Page said Thirlby was the ‘first woman’ he had a ‘suitably consensual sexual relationship with.’

He further added that he first became friends with Thirlby and later they went on to admit their mutual attraction to one another. Page even wrote that they were inseparable.

Meanwhile, Page also shared in the book that he developed stress-induced shingles while he was filming for Inception in 2010.


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