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Since the series finale of Modern Family aired in 2020, Julie Bowen has voiced the role of Penumbra in DuckTales, played Gabby McAfee in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and is portraying Pam in the upcoming film Totally Killer. Claire Dunphy will always be one of Bowen’s best roles, as she plays the smart, funny, and controlling parent perfectly.

While many Modern Family fans love Claire’s intelligence, love for Phil and her family, and desire to be in charge all the time, some Redditors are sharing their hot takes on the sitcom character.

10 Claire Makes Phil Funnier

When Modern Family fans pick their favorite character, many say Phil, as he’s always got a funny joke in his back pocket, he loves his wife and kids, and he has some interesting wisdom on most topics. Phil seems to really enjoy himself no matter where he is or what new problem or challenge he’s experiencing.

Redditor idk_orknow shared the unpopular opinion that Claire makes Phil seem more hilarious. The fan wrote, “Without her Phil would not be as funny as he is. She is essential to balancing out the Dunphys.”

9 Claire Doesn’t Respect Phil

Claire and Phil’s Modern Family relationship is often thought to be sweet, caring, and compassionate. The characters are always there for each other, cheering each other on as they get new jobs and experience massive life changes. They’re also thrilled to be on the journey of parenting together, no matter how stressful it gets.

One Redditor shared the hot take that “I really do feel like she doesn’t appreciate Phil enough.” While most viewers like Phil and Claire’s marriage as they always make time for each other and act silly a lot of the time, this is a different way of thinking about these characters.

8 Claire Is Self-Centered

Every main character on Modern Family has a distinct personality, and Claire is Type A, a fan of being in charge, and always organized. Claire likes living her life in a thoughtful, careful manner, and while her family members don’t often appreciate this, they know that she loves them and just wants the best for them all of the time.

Although many viewers like everything that Claire does for her relatives, Redditor BrownShugah98 shared the unpopular opinion that Claire is “selfish, secretive, and demeaning to her loved ones.”

7 Claire Doesn’t Like Her Kids

As Haley, Alex and Luke get older, Phil and Claire come to terms with their hopes and dreams for their children along with what their kids actually want to do with their lives. The general feeling is that Phil and Claire are caring, wonderful parents who are there for their kids and who try to give them advice and steer them in the right direction.

Redditor amy_michelle6 shared the hot take that Claire “seems to hate her own children” as they don’t think that Claire shows Alex, Luke or Haley enough kindness or compassion as they grow up and make mistakes and move through their lives.

6 Claire Is A Better Character Than Phil

Phil is often thought of as one of the best Modern Family characters and the show would be very different without his pieces of advice, real estate career, quirky love for magic, and general sense of optimism. When someone is having a bad day or feeling lost, they definitely want to talk to Phil as he will cheer them up instantly.

Redditor theredditer91 shared the unpopular opinion that “I prefer Claire over Phil.” While Claire is a popular character, not everyone thinks that she is better or more interesting than Phil.

5 Claire Isn’t Good At Her Job

It’s a lot of fun watching Claire’s career trajectory as she begins working with Jay at Prichett’s Closets and Blinds and then, when he retires, takes over the company. Claire does her best to honor her dad’s legacy while carving her own path. It’s also fascinating when the company merges with another one and Claire and Jay both start to feel left out.

Since Claire is so controlling and organized, she’s often seen as someone who is totally on top of her career goals and who can take on anything. One Redditor shared that in their opinion, “She’s not very competent and does not deserve her job.”

4 Claire Is Unlikable

Claire is often said to be one of the most likable Modern Family characters thanks to her love for her family and the fact that she can’t get but plan every inch of her life. Claire is part of some memorable storylines, including the excitement that she feels over every Halloween that approaches, and she’s a significant part of the show since she has a unique parenting style.

Not everyone loves Claire, with Redditor AnnaK22 writing, “Claire is one of my least favorite adults. I didn’t like her character.”

3 Claire Gets Worse As A Character

Everyone on the sitcom experiences some growth by the series finale, with Gloria enjoying her new real estate career, Jay finding peace with being retired, and Alex realizing that she loves Arvin and wants to embrace her love of research. Claire changes too, as she and Phil adjust to having their kids leave home and she works out what she wants her future to look like.

One Redditor thinks that “It was annoying to watch Claire in some scenes in later seasons…” and while it was “adorable” at first that she is all about cleaning and organization, this becomes worse over time.

2 Claire Is Too Controlling About Halloween

Modern Family’s hilarious Halloween episodes always revolve around Claire and how much fun she has dressing up and trying to scare people. Claire genuinely wants to have the most terrifying costume, house on the block, and decorations, and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Claire and Phil’s mutual love of October 31st often sparks some funny and tense storylines as well.

While Claire’s love of Halloween is one of the most memorable parts of her character, Redditor Salty_Interaction_32 posted a hot take about this part of the sitcom, writing that “Claire gets so up-tight about Halloween.”

1 Claire And Phil Aren’t The Best Parents To Haley

When Haley leaves home and goes off to college, she quickly gets into trouble, even getting arrested. Haley struggles with how to move forward in life as she realizes that school isn’t for her. Haley lands a great job at NERP and then becomes pregnant with twins, figuring out how to balance work, family and life like the rest of her relatives have throughout the series.

Phil and Claire always let Haley live at home while she figures out what to do next, trying to offer wisdom and help. Redditor reflectiveruse believes that “Phil and Claire were far too lenient with Haley sometimes.”

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