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An alien-hunter movie of the ’80s, Predator, has long been identified as a classic. A film recognized as defining the ’80s and filled with enough action and Arnold Schwarzenegger to propel the movie into its own franchise, Predator has had numerous sequels since the release of the first movie in 1987. Sequels to the movie include Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010), and The Predator (2018). While the long-standing success of Predator has ensured many sequels, a prequel has never been in the works till now.

The prequel to the film, titled Prey, was announced in 2020 and is skipping a theatrical release, instead set to stream exclusively on Hulu. Telling the story of Naru, a young Native American Comanche warrior, who has to defeat the alien Predator who threatens her community, Prey is set 300 years before the events of the initial Predator movie.

20th Century Studios released a teaser trailer for the movie in May 2022. Although it didn’t show much, it was enough to kindle fan excitement. The subsequently released more detailed trailer was enough to send fans over the edge. “The #Prey trailer has me all types of excited,” responded a fan, echoing the thoughts of many others.

Prey is a Promising Film

The two-minute trailer, giving fans a taste of what’s to come, led to a plethora of fan responses regarding the possible outcomes of the film. Many were taken up with the narrative that the film appears to be forming and the setting in which Prey is situated. In response to the trailer, a Twitter user said:

“The new Predator prequel film looks promising. Looking forward to it.”

Expressing thoughts along the same lines, @quinnlikesfilm wrote:

“The more we get shown the more excited I get. This looks f***ing gorgeous❤️ #Prey”

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While the excitement for Prey was riding high, some fans were also vocal in their thoughts of what Prey might mean for the Predator franchise as a whole. They considered that the movie might not appeal to everyone, despite its hype. @BuckTheAzBatFan took to Twitter to say:

“Man I can not wait for #Prey to release. Everything we have seen so far looks amazing. Shame it’s not getting a theatrical release but I hope this gets the franchise back on the right track. I didn’t hate the predator but I understand why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. #Predator”

Taken Up with the New Predator

The new Predator introduced in the film was also met with fans’ seal of approval. The character’s depiction was met with comments such as “awesome,” and fans were quick to pick up on the little details, including the built-in shield and the design of the Predator’s mask. Responses to the trailer also picked up on the sounds distinctive of the Predator, with @SylonZero saying:

“This looks (and sounds 🙂) amazing! Looking forward to it! 🖖🏾”

Highly taken up by the Predator’s portrayal, a user called the character “so bad**s,” with another echoing their sentiments in writing:

“The new Predator in Prey looks dope as hell”

Appreciative of the Nod to Culture

The Predator was not the only thing that impressed fans. The trailer also had fans talking of Hollywood’s take on Native American culture. Many appreciated the cultural nuance in the film and the detailed attention given to several aspects of it. Talking about the plot of the film, @AjthreetJ tweeted:

“Oh hell yeah! As a fan of the first 2 Predator films and Predators, I am fired up for this one. A Native American tribe vs the ultimate Hunter is an interesting take.”

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Another special feature that has made Prey special to fans is that in addition to characters in the film speaking their native language, the entirety of Prey is set to be dubbed in Comanche. Fans were especially appreciative of the decision and the respect given to the cultural background within which the film is set. @eughung, commenting on it, said:

“A big-budget Hollywood film repping #Native culture accurately! And they’re also releasing a version fully in Comanche!…”

Possibilities for the Future

While the trailer got fans well and truly excited for the sequel, it also led to fans hoping for more from the franchise. Those familiar with all the Predator movies drew similarities between the new Prey and the movies that came before. In doing so, they also projected the aspects they love about the latest film into possible future releases. @YourCinemaGuy, tying these thoughts together, wrote:

“Loving everything I see in this trailer for #Prey. The best 20 minutes we’ve ever seen of #ThePredator was the minimalist approach to the final-act in ’87. This entire movie it pumping those vibes! Hope this leads to more stories set in different periods!”

As many of the thoughts penned on Twitter make evident, the little insights that have been given into Prey have set fans abuzz with excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. Fans, no doubt, have high expectations for the sequel. However, only time will tell if the movie does justice to what fans hope to see or not.

Luckily viewers don’t have to wait too long to see the clash between those who hunt to live and the creature who lives to hunt. The R-rated film Prey is scheduled to start streaming on Hulu on August 5, 2022.



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