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Emma D’Arcy Net Worth And Biography

Emma D’Arcy net worth is approximated to be around $1.5 million dollars. D’Arcy is an English actor who has appeared in many English films, theatre plays, and television productions such as Truth Seekers, Wanderlust, and House of the Dragon.

Emma D’Arcy Net Worth And Biography

Net Worth  $1.5 million
Full Name Emma Zia D’Arcy
Date of Birth June 27, 1992
Gender Non-Binary
Marital Status Single
Profession Act0r
Nationality  British

Early Life

Emma Zia D’Arcy was born on July 27, 1992, in London, England. Emma was born to Richard John D’Arcy and Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy who are both British. Well, much isn’t known about Emma D’Arcy’s family but we know she is the first of the two children of them parents, her sister is Chloë D’Arcy. Meanwhile, they are immensely creative two children, they also identify as both they and them sibling also is non-binary, and prefers gender-neutral pronouns like they/them pronouns.

Both Sally and Loe share Emma’s positive involvement in the vibrant creative industry. In actuality, the latter is a graduate of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance (2018-2021) and the University of the Arts London (2015-2017). Loe works as an administrative assistant at a studio in their hometown while also performing, teaching, and practicing dance.

Emma D’Arcy attended the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford they pursued a visual arts degree providing themselves with a solid educational basis. They participated in theatre productions in college, such as Romeo and Juliet, The Games We Played, and others, which helped them study and eventually develop a passion for acting.

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Emma’s career started in 2015 when she participated in the “United Stand Alone” short film. Meanwhile, it wasn’t a big role but they did enjoy the experience and it serves as a stepping stone to the main scene of the film world.

Also, D’Arcy has acted in a number of plays, including The Pillowman at the Oxford Playhouse, Romeo and Juliet at the Southwark Playhouse, The Games We Played at Theatre503, Callisto: A Queer Epic at the Arcola Theatre, and Against at the Almeida Theatre.

D’Arcy has also acted in a number of television shows, such as the comedy-horror series Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime Video in 2020 and the Wanderlust series by Nick Payne on BBC One and Netflix in 2018. They play Rhaenyra Targaryen the older version of Milly Alcock in the 2022 HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon.

Meanwhile, they have performed in many other theater production and films which has added to Emma D’Arcy net worth which rose from $500k to what it is today.


Emma D'Arcy - Career Highlight

D’Arcy has been in many movies and plays, well, not too many anyways but just enough to have a career like theirs. Anyways whether they have been in many movies over the short span of their career, doesn’t really matter they are a brilliant actor and they have shown it to the world several times.

D’Arcy made appearances in the comedic-dramatic movies Misbehavior in 2020 and Mothering Sunday in 2021.

We’ve taken out time to list the works that have added to Emma D’Arcy net worth below;

  1. United Strong Alone
  2. O Holy Ghost
  3. Misbehavior
  4. Mothering Sunday
  5. Wanderlust
  6. Wild
  7. Hanna
  8. Too Much Love
  9. Truth Seekers
  10. House of the Dragon

Private Life

Emma D'Arcy - Private Life

Mostly all need to be known about Emma D’Arcy has been described in this post, She is a non-binary person, and the emphasis on “She” is used correctly to tell she identifies differently from the sexuality that was assigned to her from birth.

Also, regarding her relationship status, all the information we have obtained suggests they are currently single and isn’t involved romantically with anyone presently, and if she is it suggests she wanted to keep her private life private and they are happy with whoever that may be.

Emma D’Arcy Net Worth

Emma D'Arcy - Net Worth

Emma D’Arcy net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million dollars. We arrive at this figure base on the current project she is involved in especially the House of The Dragon of the HBO series.



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