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Enigma Gaming Wins Esportz Premier Series 2022 Valorant Qualifier 3

Enigma Gaming has emerged as the champions of Esportz Premier Series Valorant Qualifier 3 by defeating Team Snakes in the Grand Final with a 3-0 score line. A total of 16 teams have participated in the third qualifier of Valorant Esportz Premier Series for a prize pool of Rs. 60000 from which 8 teams have qualified for playoffs.

Esports Premier Series Valorant 2022 is an online event which is conducted for South Asian Teams. The third qualifier of the event has taken place from 20 September to 29 September. The eight teams that have qualified for playoffs include Enigma Gaming, Suspect X, Rog Academy, Professional Esports, No Org Esports, Shinigami, Chill Cord, and Team Snakes.

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Enigma Gaming Beat Team Snakes in Valorant Esportz Premier Series 2022 Q3

Enigma Gaming faced off Suspect X and Rog Academy in Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals respectively. The team defeated both the teams comfortably which paved their way into the grand finals. On the other hand, Team Snakes also defeated Chill Cord and No org esports in the Quarterfinals and Semi-finals respectively to claim their spot against Enigma Gaming in the Grand Finals.

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The Grand Finals were played in BO5 format in which Enigma Gaming emerged victorious by winning three consecutive. They have won the series with a scoreline of 3-0 with 13-11 on Haven, 14-12 on Fracture, and 13-4 on Ascent. Excali from Enigma Gaming maintained an outstanding ACS of 282 and a KD Ratio of 1.55 thanks to his 146 eliminations overall from 7 matches played, making him the MVP of the Qualifier. However, Both finalist teams have qualified for the Main event of the tournament which will be held in December 2022.

Enigma Gaming received prize money of Rs 30000 while the 1st runner-ups (Team Snakes) received Rs 15000 as a prize reward. The third-placed team No org Esports have been awarded Rs 10000 whereas the MVP – Excali received Rs 5000.

The fourth qualifier of Esportz Premier Series Valorant 2022 is yet to be conducted from which 2 teams will be advanced to the Main Event. So far, Lethal Esports (Q1), Revenant Esports (Q2), Enigma Gaming, and Team Snakes from Q3 have qualified for the Main event of the tournament which will feature a prize pool of Rs 5 Lakhs.

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