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Epson adds gaming to its list of 4K projector capabilities while keeping it affordable

Epson adds gaming to its list of 4K projector capabilities while keeping it affordable

Epson has enhanced its line-up of home projectors with the new EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector.

Designed to offer-up 4K immersive-ness, with a screen size of up to 500 inches, Epson’s new offering allows users an elevated home entertainment experience with smart features like Android TV and Chromecast built-in, all in a package that comes competitively priced.

The EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector allows more home users to enjoy a truly convenient and immersive gaming experience with brightness of up to 2,800 lumens, contrast ratio of up to 35,000:1, and short input lag of under 20ms, users will be able to enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience. The large projected screen size of up to 500-inches enhances a users’ gaming experience as it gives players the impression that they are right in the centre of the action.

But gaming isn’t all that the EH-TW6250 can do.

Designed to be an all-in-one home entertainment projection solution, it comes with scene adaptive gamma correction, frame interpolation, vertical lens shift, HDR10/HLG support, as well as 3LCD technology providing equal white and colour light output, you can place the projector anywhere and enjoy smooth, colour-correct, and high-resolution images.

Additionally, a new Vivid colour mode enables users to focus on colour and contrast settings, allowing them to fully enjoy a wide variety of content.

Besides having support for Android TV and Chromecast as we mentioned earlier, you can also stream content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

Allowing for multiple audio options, the EH-TW6250 features an integrated 10 W bass-reflex speaker, plus Bluetooth wireless audio device support for connecting the projector to soundbars or headphones.


Not the only game in town


Epson also announced the launch of the EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B Laser Projection TV, an ultra-short-throw projector that can cast an 80-inch image from just 2.3cm away. In terms of specs it is very similar to the EH-LS500B that also delivered up to 4K resolution. It comes with a new dedicated gaming port providing under 20ms input lag rate and are ideal for TV shows, films, sports and more

The difference is in its screen size with the EH-LS800B able to throw images of 80 to 150-inches while the EH-LS500B can throw images up to 65 to 130-inches in size. In terms of audio performance, the EH-LS800B has 20W speakers from Yamaha compared to the 10W of the EH-LS500B.


Pricing and availability

The EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector. Image source: Epson.

Both the EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector and EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B Laser Projection TV are available now for S$1,899 and S$4,999 on Epson’s official store on Lazada now.




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