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Erika Jayne Reveals A Dark Side Of Overindulging In A Few Too Many Drinks



It’s common for lots of hustle and bustle to go on at any soiree featuring any of the women from the “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” in attendance!

What’s an even more common occurrence? Lots of candid and never-ending discussion surrounding any inevitable dramatic faux pas these ladies may find themselves in.

The latest piece of hot gossip dominating the ‘RHOBH’ ladies’ party line continues to be Erika Jayne‘s inebriated decision to colorfully berate Garcelle Beauvias‘ younger son at her recent birthday bash, which had also been a rather popular event for the external drama to also bubble up to the surface.

Jayne had been enjoying herself and chatting with Dorit Kemsley when Beauvais’ 14-year-old son entered the room, and Jayne decided to give the teen a piece of her mind, telling him to “f–k off.”

The ramifications of Jayne’s decision lingered on long after the last guests left Beauvais’ party; Jayne’s behavior would later become a hot-button topic for Kyle Richards, and Beauvais, herself, was none too pleased over her co-star’s actions.

More Than An Apology: Jayne Admits Medication Struggles

Seemingly from the minute Jayne’s words toward Jax had come out of her mouth, the next and most important order of business revolved around how Jayne would apologize and mend the situation.

Jayne did take responsibility for her actions later on in a filmed conversation with Beauvais, however, there had still been a darker undercurrent to her apology.

In previous episodes of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” current season, Jayne’s oft-inebriated state often overshadowed any activity the Beverly Hills gals tried to engage in, particularly during a recently aired getaway to Mexico.

According to People, Jayne acknowledged her recently elevated drinking habits, while also clueing Beauvais in on a deeper situation connected with Jayne’s concerning state.

“Here’s the thing: I’ve had a change in medication, so it makes me tired, and then it makes me spike and stuff like that,” Jayne explained to Beauvais. “And it’s new, so, that’s what you’re seeing,” she concluded.

Beauvais did indeed let her co-star know she had been seeing the increasingly wilder side of Jayne’s drinking, having told her, “[There’s] gotta be a balance of the meds and the cocktails.”

Step One: Self-Awareness?

Jayne’s recent pattern of having one too many during gatherings and having her resulting shenanigans overshadow everything happening afterward, have not only been noticed and critically assessed by her co-stars; she too understands she needs to get a handle on mixing her ‘fun juice’ with her medication.

“I learned a lesson,” she also told Beauvais during the same aforementioned conversation, “I can have one drink. Just only one…” (via People)

Jayne may seem carefree and confident on camera while drunk, but she has been extremely open and honest about her struggles as she learns more about her relationship with alcohol as well as the substance’s relationship with her medication.

Two months ago, as per a report from The Blast, Jayne had begun speaking to the press about the situation, even before the twelfth season had begun airing.

“Well, look, I’ll be very open and honest,” she told Us Weekly at the time, “I mixed alcohol and antidepressants, which I didn’t know that it would make you this drunk, but it did.”

She also added, “I do not have a problem and lesson learned and we go on. I mean, are you going to see a moment that, you know, you’ll probably be like, ‘is that Erika?’ And the answer is yeah, I mean, that was me.”

Jayne also knew at the time it would be in her best interest to gather her bearings before she could make another, ahem, ‘pretty mess’ of her habits in the future.

“You know, some of my behavior is not great,” she continued to the outlet, “but it’s also very real.”

More of Erika Jayne’s raw and real journey when it comes to navigating her new life post-divorce from Tom Girardi, and her ever-present resulting legal troubles can be seen every Wednesday night on Bravo at 8:00/7c.




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