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Estonia Revokes Residence Permit of Russian Citizen Who Has Lived There Almost His Whole Life

Authorities in Estonia have revoked the residence permit of a Russian citizen living in this country almost whole his life, due to his participation in pro-Russian protest rallies.

According to Meduza report, Sergey Neprimerov travelled from the Estonian city of Narva to Ivangorod, Russia in order to attend the funeral of his friend, but when he tried to return to his home in Estonia, officials at the border denied his entry while notifying him that he was banned from entering this country as well as all other Schengen Zone countries for five years, reports.

“I was told that my residence permit had been revoked because I’m a danger to the EU. They put me in a car, drove me to border checkpoint No. 2, took me to the bridge, gave me my passport, took my ID card, and that was it — I was left standing there on the bridge, with none of my possessions except my phone and my umbrella,” a 66-year-old citizen told Fontanka in this regard.

According to officials in Estonia, the citizenship of the Russian citizen living in this Baltic state was revoked after for years he took part in many events in a proactive manner. According to authorities in Estonia, he also wore the Russian flag, as well as the Russian uniform and other Russian symbolism.

But the decision of Estonian authorities was considered unjust by Neprimerov while he stressed that he plans to appeal the decision in an Estonian court.

Authorities in Estonia like the majority of European countries-imposed sanctions Russia following the latter’s invasion of Ukraine.

Back in September, Estonian officials announced that the country would stop issuing Schengen visas and also ban entry for all Russian citizens who hold a valid visas. Estonian authorities announced that such a decision became effective on September 19.

Local media reports revealed that on the first day that such a decision became effective, ten Russian citizens were subject to entry denial.

In late September, Estonian authorities expelled a supporter of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Andrey Sushchev.

In addition, in the same month, authorities in Estonia urged all their citizens not to travel to Russia for unnecessary purposes, following Russia’s military activities against Ukraine.

Through a statement published by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the citizens were also advised to avoid travelling to zones bordering Ukraine.

Besides, the Ministry called on Estonians who are temporarily staying in Russia to consider the importance of their stay and return to Estonia if possible.



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