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EU Extends Restrictive Measures Targeting Russian Individuals & Entities Until September 2023

The European Council has decided to extend the restrictive measures in response to those who are responsible for threatening the territorial sovereignty, integrity, and independence of Ukraine until September 15 of this year.

In a statement issued yesterday, March 13, the EU Council emphasised these sanctions will continue to apply to 1,473 Russian individuals as well as 205 entities, many of whom are targeted in response to Russia’s ongoing unjustified military aggression against Ukraine, reports.

According to the Council, the existing restrictive measures include travel restrictions for those who are part of the restrictions list. Moreover, the measures include a freezing of assets and a restriction on making funds or other economic resources available to listed individuals and entities.

“After 24 February 2022, in response to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the EU massively expanded sanctions against Russia with the aim of significantly weakening Russia’s economic base, depriving it of critical technologies and markets, and significantly curtailing its ability to wage war,” the statement of the EU Council reads.

As the Council explains, in its conclusions of February 9, 2023, the EU reiterated its punishment imposed on Russia due to the war against Ukraine, which constitutes an open violation of the UN Charter and has brought suffering and immense destruction to Ukraine and its citizens.

The sanctions list of the EU, including Russian individuals and entities, gets revised constantly. At the end of last month, the EU Council announced that 87 more individuals and 34 Russian subjects were added to the list of sanctions.

In this regard, Josep Borrell who is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said that these 121 new listings are responsible for military activities and malicious narratives.

He also added that the EU is targeting persons and entities involved in the forced adoption of children from Ukraine in Russia and inhumane deportation, but also those responsible for the development of drones targeting civilians in Ukraine, as well as civilian infrastructure.

The Council noted that it strongly condemns such actions, stating that the forced adoption of Ukrainian children in Russia is a clear violation of human rights and international law.

In June of last year, the EU Council also imposed restrictive measures against 65 persons and 18 additional entities in response to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

Commenting on the decision, the authority said that the decision to impose restrictive measures on these persons and entities is an integral element that belongs to the sixth comprehensive package of sanctions that was approved at the beginning of 2022.



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