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EU Launches New Pilot Migration Projects With Romania & Bulgaria

The European Commission has announced that it launched two new pilot projects in order to better manage the migration situation in Romania and Bulgaria and tighten border controls.

The European Union executive will support Bulgaria financially as part of efforts to strengthen border management at the country’s external border with Turkey, reports.

Through a statement, the European Union announced that enhanced surveillance measures at the EU’s external border with Turkey would remain among the main priorities.

“The pilot foresees a set of targeted tools for accelerated asylum and return procedures, which we believe that, once implemented, will contribute to enhancing the security in the EU and its member states. The pilot builds upon Bulgaria’s good practices and experience, including the excellent cooperation with its neighbours and the European Union agencies present in Bulgaria,” Ivan Demerdzhiev, the caretaker interior minister, pointed out.

At the same time, the EU unveiled a similar project that will be introduced in Romania in order to tighten the entry rules and better protect the country’s borders.

Both projects come as a response to the recommendations made previously by the European Council in February on implementing effective operational measures focusing on tightening external border control in response to increased migration and refugee pressure.

Recently, Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), together with police officials, announced that a group that helped about 300 migrants illegally reach Schengen Zone countries through Romania had been dismantled.

Both Romania and Bulgaria continue to receive a large number of migrants who attempt to illegally reach these territories and then enter other European countries.

Earlier this year, the European Commission said that it is determined to make the return of illegal migrants who are staying in EU Member States in an unlawful way to their home countries more effective.

In addition, the Commission proposed a new strategy, the main purpose of which is to increase the number of returns.

According to the Commission, the EU system for returns is a central pillar of well-functioning as well as credible migration and asylum systems, and of the comprehensive approach of the New Oact on Migration as well as an asylum. The Commission noted that an effective EU system for returns should also help reduce unsafe and illegal migration.

Authorities in European Union countries are continuously attempting to find new and effective ways in order to reduce the number of persons who attempt to reach the bloc’s countries in an unlawful way.



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