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EUAA: International Protection Needs for Syrian Applicants Remain High

EUAA, the European Union Agency for Asylum, has confirmed in a recent analysis that the situation remains unstable in Syria and has stressed that the protection needs for Syrian applicants are high.

According to EUAA, Syria continues to remain one of the most important countries of origin of applicants that have applied for international protection in the EU+, and taking into account the current situation in the county, it has been suggested that many other applicants are in need of protection, reports.

“In its most recent analysis, the Agency confirms that the situation remains volatile and targeting by different actors, including the Government of Syria, continues to substantiate the international protection needs of many,” the statement of EUAA reads.

It has been stressed that the protection needs for Syrians filing an application remain high as the government continues to target individuals perceived as opposing them, such as journalists, human rights activists, defectors, and protestors, among others.

EUAA further notes that the government of Syria continues to target relatives of armed group members as well as men who have evaded military service.

“The civilian population remains exposed to exceptionally high levels of indiscriminate violence in parts of the country,” EUAA stressed.

Considering the high number of people targeted by the Syrian government, EUAA expects the number of international protection applications filed by Syrians to be high this year too.

While figures for the first month of this year have not been shared yet, data provided by EUAA show that of the total number of asylum applications lodged in the EU+ in November 2022 (107,300), about 17,700 of them were filed by nationals of Syria. Syrians filed a large number of applications in September 2022 too – around 15,500.

Apart from Syrians, a high number of applications for international protection in the EU+ were also filed by nationals of Afghanistan and Türkiye in November 2022.

In November 2022, nationals of Afghanistan filed around 14,900 applications, and nationals of  Türkiye filed around 8,300 applications.

In addition to the above-mentioned, nationals of other countries – Colombia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Morocco, and Bangladesh – also were part of the list of countries whose nationals lodged the highest number of applications in the EU+ in November 2022.

Colombians lodged 4,900 applications, Venezuelans filed 4,800 applications, Bangladeshis filed 3,900 applications, Moroccan lodged 3,100 applications, and Georgians lodged 3,000 applications in November 2022.

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