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Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney Is Spider-Woman In Marvel Concept Design

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Sydney Sweeney will jump into Sony’s Marvel world in “Madame Web.” The superhero flick is helmed by “Jessica Jones” director S.J. Clarkson. It’s been confirmed Sweeney will play Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman who first appeared in Marvel’s “Secret Wars” #6 by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck. Carpenter would become a regular supporting character in the Spider-Man and Marvel Universe, joining the West Coast Avengers and Force Works superteams, later becoming the second Madame Web. With “Madame Web” getting the film treatment, Sweeney is bringing Carpenter to live-action, which could lead to her getting her own costume.

While set photos have only shown Sweeney in street clothes, artist Jaxson Derr (@JaxsonDerr) shared on his Instagram what the actress could look like in the black-and-white costume Spider-Woman wears in the comics. The image features Spider-Woman’s iconic suit’s white logo, arms, and legs, and black torso. The hero’s white eyes and long blond hair can also be seen in the artwork, which features Sweeney’s Spider-Woman crouching on top of a web.

While it remains to be seen whether Sweeney’s Carpenter will don the costume or if that’s being saved for future installments of the Sony Spider-Man universe, seeing the mock-up of the hero should have fans eager to see the look in live-action. The artwork from Jaxson Derr shows how great Sweeney would look as a Spider-Woman. Hopefully, viewers can see the actress wearing the iconic costume in “Madame Web,” as it’s too cool to leave on the cutting room floor. 

“Madame Web” is currently set for a February 14, 2024 release.