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Eva Mendes Once Opened up About the Movie That Made Her ‘Realize I Was a Terrible’ Actor

Actor Eva Mendes managed to build a respectable career for herself starring in a few hit films that showcased her range. But there was one early film that convinced Mendes she wasn’t the actor she wanted to be.

Eva Mendes stepped away from acting because she was tired of competing for the roles she wanted

Eva Mendes
| John Parra/Getty Images

There was a period of time where Mendes seemed to be everywhere in cinema. The actor put in considerable amount of work honing her craft, starring in a variety of movies that ranged from dramas to romcoms like Hitch. But somewhere around the 2010s, Mendes’ presence in Hollywood began to shrink. According to Mendes, this was because she no longer wanted to compete for some of Hollywood’s more substantial parts.



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