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Even Democrats Are Fed Up With DOJ Stonewalling Information On Biden Documents

The DOJ stonewalling related to all the document scandals that have cropped up since the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home has now gotten so frustrating that even a Democrat is complaining about the DOJ’s refusal to answer Congressional questions.

That would be Rep. John Garamendi of California, who appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” and spoke with host Neil Cavuto about the Department of Justice’s refusal to divulge important information, including the Trump and Biden documents themselves, to members of Congress that should be reviewing those documents.

Rep. Garamendi began by putting the blame firmly in The DOJ’s lap, saying:

Specifically, the Justice Department has two investigations underway, the Trump investigation and the Biden investigation…they’re very reluctant in that process to share with the Congress — this is not new. This has been going on, I guess, forever — until that investigation either proves that there was or was not a criminal act. So I would not expect –

It was then that the host, Neil Cavuto, cut in to ask about who would be receiving the information and about the Senators who were disagreeing with the DOJ decision in these cases, asking:

“But isn’t that a committee’s right, whether it’s in the Senate, sir, or in the House, these two, that they have to sort of take a back seat to whatever decision Justice will make?

“Obviously, Sen. Warner (D-VA) wasn’t having it. Sen. Wyden (D-OR) wasn’t having it. A host of other key players, from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), to scores of Republicans weren’t having it. Do you think that this setup where we get information at the Justice Department’s discretion is sound? A lot of your colleagues don’t think it is.”

Rep. Garamendi then admitted that it was frustrating and also noted that the DOJ stonewalling has been a recurring problem, saying:

Well, first of all, it certainly is frustrating and it’s not new. In the years I’ve been here — which is not nearly as many as the Senators of whom you’re talking about — this is an ongoing issue between the Justice Department involved in an investigation that may very well be a criminal investigation at some –.

Cavuto again cut off Rep. Garamendi, pressing him on whether the DOJ’s course of action was frustrating to him, asking “No, I understand that. On any level does it bother you, sir, is what I’m asking?

At that point, the Democrat Rep again admitted that what the FBI and DOJ are doing is frustrating and said that the DOJ should make the documents available, saying:

“Well, of course, it’s frustrating in that we’re looking at the oversight issues. I think with regard to the Senate, what they would like to have is the specific classified documents so that they can then understand the risk to our national security.

“I would think that there’s a way in which the Justice Department could make those specific documents available in a classified setting to the Senate committee and to the House committees as to exactly what was at risk here, and we do need to know that. So, I think there’s a path forward, and all of the back and forth that’s going on is not helpful in resolving what should be, in my view, a solution.”

By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1




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