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Every TV Series James Gunn And Peter Safran Announced For Their DC Universe Reboot

Like the political intrigue, backstabbing, and actual backs getting stabbed of “Game of Thrones,” right? Well, so does James Gunn, as he’s given the go-ahead to take us to the homeland of Wonder Woman before she became such a wonder herself, for a series described as being full of drama and intrigue.

“Paradise Lost” is the final show on DC’s docket, and like “House of the Dragon,” “Paradise Lost” will punt us back to the earliest years of Themyscira and answer the essential matters that we all want to know about how this island came to me, presumably with a nice heaping dose of Greek mythology. To be clear, don’t expect this to be a “young Wonder Woman” show, because one of the key details we know is that it will take place before Diana’s birth. As far as casting goes, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright were a formidable pair of role models for Diana as Hippolyta and Antiope, so it’d be nice to see their reign continue — but we’ll probably have to wait on getting any answers, in that regard. 

Whatever happens, there’s no doubt that the Seven Kingdoms of George R. R. Martin are about to have some compelling competition as far as mythical and manipulative lands go. Watch the throne, folks.



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