Everyone, not just children, needs sex education. Here’s why… 

Why do people cringe at the mention of the word, SEX?  They act like the word is dirty and don’t like the idea of it. People ignore the word, but indulge in it.  

There are some people who fight against sex education. On what grounds?  

They are of the opinion that being taught sex education makes you want sex more than ever before. So it’s better to avoid the word, they say.  

I remember my mum telling me a story when I was quite younger. It was the story of a woman who was overly protective of her daughter and never gave her the right sex education. Every time the girl came back from school or an outing, her mother will put an egg in her vagina to see if no one had sex with her while she was away.  And all her daughter knew was, “Don’t have sex, or else, mummy will perform her mini sex surgery on you”. Her mum also taught her to run away from boys because if they touched her, she’d get pregnant. Then something happened. Her mom died and less than a month later, she got pregnant.  

Something, just maybe, could have averted the experience. It is proper sex education. 

Over the years, parents shy away from educating their children about sex or give adulterated sex education because they believe that it plants the idea of sex in their minds before time, and makes them want to have sex. This is not true.  

Children are pretty innocent and when you teach them about sex that early there is no struggle or conflict to either accept what you said against something else that they have in mind.  

There’s a term referred to as “Tabula Rasa” which explains that children’s minds are a blank slate upon which experiences are written. So the earlier the better.  

It’s safer to let them know about their body parts, and other basic things that they should know about sex. Remember, children would eventually grow up to be teenagers and adults. Let them grow up with the right mentality about sex.  

Which would you rather go for? Teach your children proper sex education, or allow them learn directly or indirectly from people that know next to nothing about sex? Choose. 

When you teach children about sex, it will make them comfortable with the topic and empower them to make the right decisions about sex and they would not have to cringe like other adults currently do. When they KNOW they will be able to say NO.  

We need sex educators across all spheres to provide straight forward and factual information about sex, and also give answers to questions which may arise.  

Should sex education be taught in school across all levels? Yes, to avoid the dangers of not being sexually aware. Who should learn about sex? Everyone who has blood flowing in their veins. Who should teach sex education? Parents and teachers should. None should leave it to the other.  

Ask yourself the questions below and give yourself honest answers based on personal experiences or the experiences of people around you.  

  • What are the dangers of not being sexually aware?  
  • Why do people cringe at sex education?  
  • Why do they resist the subject matter? 

Our society has raised people to believe that it’s a taboo and it’s immoral, and that it also has the ability to corrupt the mind about sex. 

Everyone needs sex education  

We have talked about the need to have sex education. However, people are not receptive of the fact that it’s a need. Deep down in their subconscious it’s a topic that should not be spoken about at least not with confidence or in public. They believe it has to be spoken about in secret and no one should be loud about it.  

Why does everyone need sex education?  

  • It is all to an end that people have an overall healthy reproductive journey in life; one that makes them happy life. If you want everyone to accept the truth of sex education, start to talk about it. You want people to accept sex education, start to talk about it. 
  • Another clear reason is information is power. The will to say no is birthed by knowledge.  
  • It straightens your mentality about sex. 
  • Builds your confidence, and helps with effective communication in relationships 
  • Olivia Rich once said, “Everyone should know about sex, it is their right. They’ve got reproductive organs so, they can know that much at least.” 

Today, in our society, it is easier for people across all age groups to access porn than proper sex education. If we had every child learn about sex education the right way the world would be a better place. No unwanted pregnancy. No STIs. No manipulation from the opposite gender or same gender and so much more dangers we could be free from.  

The society should not shy away from being vocal about sex. Don’t avoid it. Stay with the truth about sex, speak up unapologetically about it, and let’s change the narrative! 




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