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  • When does Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 4 come out?
  • How many seasons will Part 4 adapt?

MAPPA has finally released the long-awaited Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3, which was definitely a treat for the entire anime fan. However, the Japanese animation studio left everyone yearning for more. The third part did not put an end to Eren’s story, and fans will have to wait for another part to witness the conclusion.

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Initially, MAPPA wanted to finish the Attack on Titan story in only three parts, so Part 3 was supposed to have about eight episodes; However, production of the anime took longer than expected. Therefore, the creators of MAPPA decided to split the remaining story (and present the third part as an hour special) so that they could at least offer something to the viewers who have been waiting for the anime’s return since last year. Now that everyone has seen the brilliance of Part 3, they are looking forward to the next one.


When does Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 4 come out?

Huang is chasing after the colossal titans

Right after the release of Part 3, MAPPA confirmed on their official social handles that Attack on Titan will be back with Part 4 in Fall 2023 in Japan. The fall anime season starts in October and usually lasts until December, so fans will have to wait at least seven months to experience the finale to Eren’s journey.

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Since the fourth season is months away, the studio has not revealed any exact month or release date, but we can expect to know more about the upcoming episode in the coming months. What was said, MAPPA has released a short teaser video for the next part. It does not have any characters or fighting sequences. Instead, the teaser takes us up to the clouds while also featuring a voiceover, which, honestly, is more than enough to get us excited for the fourth installment.

How many seasons will Part 4 adapt?

The armored titan in attack on titan season 4 part 3

Part 3 of Attack on Titan Final Season is an adaptation of four chapters of the manga series – Chapter 131 (The Growl), Chapter 132 (Wings of Freedom), Chapter 133 (The Sinners), and Chapter 134 (In the Depths of Despair). Hajime Isayama finished the Attack on Titan story with a total of 139.5 chapters, so MAPPA still has 5.5 chapters to adapt in Part 4. So, if you want to pick up the manga where Part 3 left off, you should start with Chapter 135.

MAPPA had to make Part 3 an hour long to tell the events of four seasons, so if Part 4 also coincides with one episode, it’s safe to assume it will be longer. Either that or the creators might decide to go with two episodes instead of one. And since MAPPA skipped some moments from the manga in Part 3, they may adapt those events in Part 4. If that happens, two 45-minute specials will likely be given as part of Part 4. Regardless, MAPPA hasn’t confirmed anything like that, So it’s better to take this with a grain of salt and wait for any official information from the creators.

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