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Exclusive: Beulah Koale Talks Dual and How Acting Saved His Life



Beulah Koale in NCIS Hawaii

Beulah Koale had spent his last $50 on making an audition tape. The videographer extended his hand for payment, and one can imagine Koale looking back and forth from the open palm to the empty refrigerator. “I was like, dude, I haven’t got it,” Koale said. “I’m struggling to find the money for dinner. He said, ‘that’s what it costs,’ and I thought, I guess I’m not eating this week.”

Fast-forward five frenetic years, and the New Zealand actor has come a long way from the moving underdog story reported in Deadline, which had introduced the actor to many. Koale thinks about that article and that period of his life. for the first time in a

“I got goosebumps just thinking about it now.” It’s been a fast-paced journey out of poverty and violent sports in South Auckland, toward being discovered by Jason Hall, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of American Sniper, for a powerful role in the 2017 film Thank You For Your Service.

When Koale finally made it to Hollywood, he initially had a difficult time adjusting. He spent a week eating free apples from a gym in order to avoid confrontation and having to ask for help, before being told that the producers of Thank You For Your Service were paying for everything, and finally succumbing to the kindness of others.

“I remember that kid. It was his first time coming to America, and he didn’t know how to ask for help,” Koale reminisces. “It’s always kind of how I’ve been since I was a kid, but over the years I’ve slowly come out of my shell and learned how to ask for help, and just build some confidence in myself.”

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Some things are certainly not different. “I try not to lose the hunger that Beulah in 2017 had because literally, he was willing to starve himself to make his movie work, and I would do exactly the same thing. I think that hunger and termination that he had, I still have.”

It’s almost as if he’s charting a course for himself, navigating the choppy waters of a turbulent industry by creating multiple rules and goals to keep him sailing smoothly.

After working on the popular TV reboot of Hawaii Five-O for three years and 71 episodes, Koale is now starring opposite Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul in the film Dual. Riley Stearns’ new movie is set in a society where nearly perfect clones can be created as a substitute for people. When a woman named Sarah (Gillan) believes that she is terminally ill, she gets a double of herself made.

However, as a year passes with her going into remission, she recovers from her strange disease and realizes that everyone (including her boyfriend, played by Koale) likes her double more than Sarah herself. Two of the same people can’t stay alive simultaneously for long, though, and the double refuses to be ‘decommissioned,’ so the two must fight to the death in order to determine which Sarah gets to live. Thus, it’s Karen Gillan versus Karen Gillan.

As always with Stearns, the plot synopsis barely reflects the film itself, which continues the extremely unique style of filmmaking he’s laid out for himself after Faults and, especially, The Art of Self-Defense. Outside of perhaps Yorgos Lanthimos’ films The Lobster and Dogtooth, (“I saw Dogtooth when it came out, and it blew me away in a way that I don’t think a film had at the time,” Stearns has said), there really isn’t anything else like the writer/director’s work right now.

Stearns creates largely absurdist comedy-dramas with a heightened sense of artificiality, intentionally stripping much of the emotion and melodrama from the end result. It’s an approach partly developed over the years by directors like Hal Hartley, Aki Kaurismaki, and Hal Ashby, but Stearns takes it to another level.

Acting in a Stearns film probably seems counterintuitive to many actors, who are often trained or directed to act completely different from what Stearns prefers, which is a kind of cold and ironic sense of detachment somewhere between Samuel Beckett and Robert Bresson. Actors in his films probably have to unlearn a lot of the impulses they’ve developed. However, Koale has a bit of an upper hand here. “I didn’t go to school to learn how to act,” he says. Echoing some stars who originally had different careers before acting, Koale says, “I didn’t even want to be an actor, I just turned up to skip classes.” It turned out, however, that acting practically saved his life.

This was one of the first “light bulb moments” Koale had in regard to what acting can be. Working on Stearns’ film, he had another, in what will assumably be a long lane of lights. Dual is a sci-fi comedy movie of sorts, though the genres (as well as any other label) apply to the film in only vague and tangential ways. There’s a lot of strange humor in Dual, and Koale had mostly done very serious work with often tortured or melancholic characters.

“I was always scared of this type of genre,” Koale says about comedy. “I don’t know how to do it, which is kind of what pulled me towards wanting to do this role. There’s a rule I have for myself: I run towards the things I’m scared of. And I remember coming on set and talking to Riley and going, dude, I don’t know what I’m doing.” It didn’t take long, however, before Stearns was explaining his style to the actor, like a “mastership and an apprentice,” as Koale describes it.

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“You kind of learn bad habits as you do TV and film, and just as an actor, and then Riley came in just cutting all my bad habits. He’s like, ‘Just say the words, let the words do the magic.'” It’s a different approach for most actors, one which his co-star Karen Gillan has recently described as surprisingly vulnerable, stripping an actor of all the artifice, techniques, and subterfuge that can disguise or create padding for their authentic selves. Koale agrees, saying, “It was like the rawest form of doing what we do because we had nothing to really hide behind. Except to say it, just say it and see what happens and whatever happens will be honest at that moment.”

Coincidentally, actors learning how to simply read the text and let the text read them was the subject of this year’s Best International Feature Oscar winner, Drive My Car. Koale agrees it was an almost hypnotically powerful approach, saying, “You don’t need to do anything else to it. It will happen. And it does. It was a light bulb moment for me.”

This style is almost part of a new kind of cinema quietly emerging, initially in the arthouse scene and now breaking through into the mainstream. Stearns’ approach is similar to the aforementioned Lanthimos, who told The Globe and Mail, “All I do is encourage them to just say the words, to be there, to do it, and they themselves understand if it’s the right way or the wrong way.”

No matter the style of acting, though, Koale is incredibly dedicated to it and fortunate for it; he gives it everything it’s given him. “Acting has given my family a lifestyle that I didn’t grow up with. It’s the thing that I’m addicted to, like, I think about my craft 24/7, and I would be the same if I went down the rugby path. That’s just how my brain works, I’m very driven.” On the set of Dual, he kept a constant journal, writing about his fictional character: what music he listened to, how he was a terrible dancer, the kind of YouTube videos he watched. “There’s not a moment that I don’t stop thinking about my job. It’s definitely told me in the last couple of years that this is me for the rest of my life pretty much.”



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Are Zach and Tori Roloff From Little People, Big World Still Together?



ezgif 3 acc4d7f20b

The long-running documentary reality show ‘Little People, Big World‘ follows the lives of the Roloffs, a family of six of whom three people have dwarfism. The show highlights their day-to-day struggles, a significant part of which is striving to be accepted for who they are. Ever since the reality series premiered on March 4, 2006, Matt and Amy Roloff, along with their four children, have won the hearts of many people through their inspiring attitude towards life.

Matt and Amy’s oldest kid is Zach Roloff, who also happens to be the only Roloff kid with dwarfism. Zach’s journey on the show garnered more attention when Victoria Elizabeth AKA Tori became a part of his life. Even though the pair have had their fair share of highs and lows, they have found their way back to each other every single time and eventually got married. However, fans are curious to know if their marriage has stood the test of time? Well, let’s find out what Zach and Tori’s relationship looks like at present.

Zach and Tori’s Little People, Big World Journey

In a special episode of season 10, Zach and Tori’s romantic relationship was introduced to us. 20-year-old Zach was a soccer coach for many young students when he first met 19-year-old Tori. The pair first met in 2010 at Roloff farms during pumpkin season and bonded over their shared interest in soccer. Soon, they started dating, and Tori got more involved with the Roloffs.

At first, Zach’s parents, Matt and Amy, were concerned about their son, but as they got to know Tori better, they couldn’t be happier for him. Inspired by Tori’s ambition and achievements, Zach prepared his resume and started looking for job opportunities again. The Roloffs even invited Tori to join them on their family vacation to Australia. After four wonderful years of getting to know one another, Zach and Tori got engaged in April 2014. In July 2015, the couple finally tied the knot on the family farm.

Nearly two years after Zach and Tori’s wedding, they welcomed their first child, Jackson, on May 12, 2017. Like his father, Jackson has dwarfism too. On November 19, 2019, Zach and Tori’s daughter, Lilah Roloff, was born. Despite the several ups and downs, the couple got used to parenthood. So, are you wondering what their relationship looks like at present?

Are Zach and Tori Still Married?

Yes, Zach and Tori Roloff seem to be happily married. However, the couple faced a major setback in March 2021, when Tori had a miscarriage. Despite the tragic circumstances, the couple stuck together and got through it, probably making their bond even stronger in the process.

On the other hand, things between Zach and Tori and the former’s father, Matt, got a little complicated due to negotiations over the north side of the family farm. Matt was adamant about not selling the land to his son. Eventually, the young couple stopped visiting the farm altogether and completed their move to Washington in October 2021. However, Zach received a lot of criticism from fans for using his son, Jackson, to break the news to Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn.

Nevertheless, things started looking up for Zach and Tori as they were blessed with their third child, Josiah Luke Roloff, on April 30, 2022. The couple is pretty active on social media and doesn’t shy away from posting about their personal lives. To reiterate, it appears that the married couple is very happy with each other and loves spending time with their adorable children.

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Are Amy and Chris From Little People, Big World Still Together?



Amy and Chris 1

‘Little People, Big World’ is a reality series that explores the lives of the Roloff family, headed by parents Matthew “Matt” Roloff and Amy Roloff, who have dwarfism. They have four kids – Zachary “Zach” Roloff, Jeremy “Jer” Roloff, Molly “Mol” Roloff, and Jacob “Jake” Roloff – of whom only Zach has dwarfism. 

Since the show started in 2006, fans have avidly watched how the Roloffs navigate their lives. Though Matt and Amy were together for a significant chunk of the show, they got divorced in 2016. Later, viewers saw Amy in a romantic relationship with Chris Marek, who got married in August 2021. Naturally, fans are curious to know if Amy and Chris are together and how their journey has been so far. Luckily, we have all the answers you need!

Amy and Chris’ Little People, Big World Journey

Despite the dynamic between Amy Roloff and her then-husband Matt Roloff, all was apparently not well within their marriage. The two apparently separated in 2014, and the divorce was finalized in May 2016. The split caused many fans distress, who had come to view the Roloff family close to their hearts. However, viewers were soon greeted with Amy’s foray into singledom. During one of the episodes of season 16 that aired in December 2016, Amy described how she met Chris Marek to her daughter Molly.

“I’m having a good time,” Amy said. “You know, I had a couple of pool parties. I had, like, 40 people here. No, I probably had, like, 50 people here. Then this guy Chris that I met, he came to the party too. We got to talking and he invited me to go on a motorcycle ride. Oh, I’m having a ball!” Later in season 17, during a day out with her friends, the mother of four shared how she hadn’t thought she’d ever be in a relationship with someone who does not have dwarfism.

“I just never thought someone who is average size would be interested in me,” Amy admitted. She continued, “I just really want him to never question or doubt the relationship because I’m a little person.” The reality star gushed, “I just have a good time. I have fun with him. I never thought I’d be dating as a grandma, and it’s nice to experience that and be with someone.”

Thanks to social media, fans have been constantly updated on Amy’s happy moments with Chris. Given their strong bond, many can’t help but wonder how things have shaped up for the couple. Are they still together? Well, here’s all you need to know!

Are Amy and Chris Still Together?

Yes, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are indeed still together. In fact, since the inception of their relationship, the two have grown even closer. Fans were delighted when Chris Marek decided to propose to Amy on September 18, 2019, a day after her birthday. The happy woman could not contain her sheer joy regarding the proposal, which she gladly accepted. 

Amy and Chris tied the knot on August 28, 2021, at the Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, where Amy once lived with her ex-husband Matt. Since their nuptials, the two have continued sharing life updates over social media. It is evident that the two are happily in love and quite delighted with the opportunity to be able to spend their lives with each other. Such a happy union is one to be cherished, and we wish them all the best for their marriage and future.

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