EXO Confirms Comeback Date for 2023 with Kai’s Vocals Featured in 7th Album

EXO band is coming back soon and this time it’s with their 7th album that has Kai’s voice featured in it. Well, the fans of the EXO band have long been waiting to hear something amazing from them. Certainly, we do have them back now and the album they are arriving with is just going to be special for all of you.

Read ahead to know more about the EXO band returning soon with their 7th album featuring Kai’s voice.

EXO band is soon to make their comeback

Well, k-pop bands hold a special place in the hearts of all their fans. EXO band is one of them and fans since long have not been able to see the band members together. However, their fans can now rejoice as EXO announces their return really soon.

Yes, EXO is making a comeback and fans can’t wait to know when. The band is making their return once again and this time it is with their 7th album. You’ll have all the band members featured in it too. Although, we do know that Kai is busy with his military service. But you can know when the album of the band is to release.

Release date of EXO’s upcoming album

You’ll have the 7th album of the EXO band really soon. As it is to release on 10th July 2023. However, for those who have been thinking that Kai may not be a part of it. Then you won’t have Kai in the promotional works of the album due to his service in the military.

Yet, the album will definitely have Kai’s voice featured in it. Not to miss, Xiumin, Baekhyun, and Chen had left SM Entertainment. Still, they assured being with the group. As they stated, “We would never betray [the EXO] members and will prioritize EXO in any situation”.

What else fans can expect from the EXO band?

Apart from the upcoming album of the EXO band. The fans of the band can surely have more. The band is also to be seen in a reality show. On the 8th of June, the band members were spotted at the airport and SM Entertainment has said that EXO is to film a group reality show in Korea.

Not to miss, the band was previously too seen in other shows like EXO Ladder, Showtime, and more. Meanwhile, fans of the band have already been expressing their excitement about the comeback of the band. As one of the fan wrote, “Obsessed with the fact that there’s only one EXO and no one can top them”.

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