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Experts call for a switch to agroecology farming system

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Agroecology experts have called for a switch in Nigeria farming approach, they urged Nigerians to adopt agroecology farming approach as this can solve most of Nigeria’s socioeconomic and environmental problems from their root causes.

This is even as they agreed that 100% pesticides free food sustainability is real and that this will ensure higher productivity and increased income for farmers and herders.

They further warned against the use of genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops, saying an in-depth scientific comparison of a GM crop and its non-GM counterpart shows that the assumption of substantial equivalence is false, as unexpected differences have been found.

Presenting a paper with the titled: ‘Transitioning to Agroecology – the Opportunities and Challenges,’ during CSOs Capacity Building Workshop hosted by Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) in Abuja on Tuesday, the Project Coordinator Heinrich Bull Stiftung and AAPN, Mr. Donald Ikenna, said agroecology can stimulate and sustain rural development and ensure the full restoration of Nigeria’s natural biodiversity, ensure more higher productivity and land use efficiency per hectares compared to an agricultural system based on chemicals and monoculture.

He said reproduction is the key to upscaling agroecology in a fast and economically feasible way without huge investment.

“At least 99.9% of farm inputs can be generated on the farm with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the farm.

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